Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's snowing...

If only these weather people could get it right. Yesterday, and even as early as this morning, the prediction was for a big storm - a rain storm. Yes, they said it would start as sleet in our area before quickly changing to RAIN.

On my way home, it was snowing (2 hours ago) ... now, it is still snowing ... mind you, not as hard - maybe the change over has started ... and hopefully it will warm up so the snow that is on the ground will disappear. Not that I don't love a good snow storm - I love a storm - the kind that dumps a foot of snow and closes schools for a day or so. This, what we've got outside, is dangerous. Slippery. Wet. Unexpected. A good snow storm has all of the same detrimental qualities but at least people have enough sense to stay home when there is a foot of snow on the ground and there are people hard at work trying to clean it up and make it safe. When it snows like this, forget it. The people are out in droves - there is no milk in the grocery store nor bread on the shelves - like they'll be stuck inside for days - it just doesn't snow like that anymore, so why bother? Unless, of course, you really ARE out of bread and milk and have someone who needs it.

Anyway - the kids did enjoy playing in it before it got dark so I guess I can't be such a pessimist. Might have been the only chance they get this winter to play in snow. I got a picture or two of them - before the camera battery died. We'll see how quickly I charge it and upload the pictures. Would be pretty funny if it was quickly considering I still have all of my Christmas pictures on the camera as well.

Hope you're all warm, dry and safe. Don't worry, I'll be in school tomorrow!

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