Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 -- already?!?!

Just wanted to take a few minutes to wish everyone a happy new year. With the passing of each year, I always try to reflect upon the things that have happened and all of the good yet to come.

This year said goodbye to many good family members and close family friends - but I'm of the mind that they're resting comfortably by the side of God these days - no more pain, no more suffering and we'll all figure out a way to deal with our grief.

This year we also welcomed two new pets into our family after saying goodbye to Sprite at the tail end of 2006. Both Jack and Guinness have made leaps and bounds while being members of our family. Jack came to us as a rescue dog with not so many manners. We've added a few pounds to him and he's got a few manners now - though still not many, but he's a good boy. Guinness has defied the odds and has outgrown a grade 3 heart murmur - survived a bad experience with his neutering and also survived a broken toe and toenail amputation. Have I missed anything? Both are now thriving 2 and 1 year olds with Sudz as a playmate (who had a cancer surgery this year and is doing well at just about 8 years old) ... hopefully it will be a good year for all three of them.

DinoBoy is faring well as a first grader. He completed his 2nd years of Tball and soccer in 2007 and is swimming like a champ. In the spring, he also learned how to play lacrosse and will probably skip that sport in 2008. Towards the end of the year, he started his 2nd wrestling season and is doing well. So far. :-) He's anxious for baseball to start. He'll move up to the Slugger age-group this year and I think he'll like it a lot more than last year and concentrate on his skills more since he'll only be playing one sport.

Twinkletoes is quite the kindergartener! She enjoys each and every day of school and her afternoons in the kindergarten enrichment class. Tball and LAX were also on her plate during the spring of 2007 and she is also swimming like a fish!! All of those lessons paid off!!! Fall afforded her the first taste of soccer, which she loved!!! Maybe she'll take after her cousins and play soccer year round (too bad her schedule won't sync up with the older girls' - she'd be able to carpool with Aunt Col) She is now in gymnastics and her teacher tells us she is ready for the next "phase". This means that we'll be doing night lessons in a bigger group instead of afternoon lessons - she only had one other child in her class. She is also anxious for Tball to begin - once she's finished this year, she'll move up to the softball leagues.

Both kids are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new baby sister. As for me, I'm a house. My one SIL can't tell me that enough. I just shouldn't have lost all of that weight during 2006/2007 and maybe I wouldn't look so huge!!! I've literally grown exponentially over the past 2 or 3 weeks. The kids got a kick out of going to a doctor's appointment with me over break and got to hear her heartbeat - and her hiccups!! That was pretty cool.

All my best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and safe 2008! May all your wishes come true!

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