Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our Weekend

Since it's Tuesday evening, I thought I'd update you on the events of our weekend - which was pretty exhausting!

Friday - the husband stayed home and took care of the kids so the Nanny could hang out at the hospital with Mommom. They came up to my work to take me to lunch. Twinkletoes ordered chicken fingers at the diner while DinoBoy ordered a pizza which he wouldn't eat. What kind of diner makes a pizza parlor pizza anyhow? It just didn't look right, he said. Uggh.

Saturday - Twinkletoes had a gymnastics "meet" for the younger kids. She did EXCELLENT! She's ready to move up to the next stage in her gymnastics 'career' but I've got a few cute pictures to share (I've created my first slideshow - don't fall over!!)

After gymnastics, we dropped the kids off at Aunt S's house. They haven't spent the night with her since way before Christmas and were looking for a fun night out. Sounded great to me and the husband who took the opportunity to take in the new National Treasure movie (two thumbs up) and were planning to grab a bite to eat at PF Chang's afterwards. After all, who in their right minds is eating dinner at 9:30 at night? When we got to the restaurant, it was a ZOO!! I couldn't believe how many people were still waiting to be seated. At 9:30 - I must be getting old because that is just ridiculous to me! The restaurant next door to PF Chang's still had a wait as well. So - we just headed to our local diner and had an okay meal. The service stunk and the food was just "okay" but it filled our tummies and we didn't have to cook it ourselves!

After we got home and let the dogs out and cleaned up a few things, the phone rang. Who calls at 11:00??? At first, I thought something had happened to Mommom - but, lo and behold, it's Aunt S who tells us that DinoBoy just threw up for the 2nd time in an hour. We needed to bring him clean clothes and pick him up if we wanted to. Of course we'd pick him up. I grabbed two pairs of pjs for him, his robe, socks (who knows how sick he was or where he was sick) and we headed out the door. He was feeling not so sick when we got there but he wound up puking in the truck on the way home. We moved his mattress from his bed to our floor, on top of a bunch of sheets - just in case. This way we wouldn't have to clean up a mess from his floor, walls or inside of his bed if he decided to be sick again during the night. He was able to fall asleep and I finally fell asleep around 3 - no more puking during the night. Looks like Aunt S. got the brunt of this one.

Sunday - now the husband doesn't feel too hot. I run over to Aunt S.'s in the morning to get Twinkletoes who isn't even dressed when I get there. Ugggh. I had left the truck running because it was so cold out ... but she got herself ready and we loaded the truck. The husband was feeling a little better by the time we got home and had gotten himself out of bed. We didn't do too much, DinoBoy didn't even get dressed all day (until yesterday afternoon, as a matter of fact.) But we were exhausted!!! Even Twinkletoes...she must have had a heck of a night playing with her cousins!

Yesterday, the kids and I stayed home while the husband went to the office. I spent 99% of the day working for school from home. The kids played and fought and all the other great stuff they do on a daily basis. The dogs ran around and went in and out like there was no tomorrow. I was almost happy to get back to my desk today - more problems to solve and work to be done. The kids were happy to get back to school today as well. The Nanny went to the hospital while the kids were at school to check on Mommom - who wants very badly to go home. But since she is still so weak, that is not an option right now. She needs to get herself stronger and eat some more and get ready to walk around again ... she seems to think she is ready for it but after being laid out since New Year's Eve, she's just not.

Tomorrow it will be Wendesday already. I can't believe the month is already 1/2 over. On Thursday, my sister will celebrate her 30TH BIRTHDAY!!!! I'm surprised she and I both survived as long as we have -- growing up with each other!!! ;-) On Thursday as well, we'll celebrate the Monster Hewitt's 2nd birthday. He's really cute and not as bad as that but since his mother calls him a monster all the time, it seemed like a fitting name for him here.

That's it for now...the boys are home from wrestling practice and having dinner. I need to get the ice cream all set for when they're finished ... which won't be too much longer.


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