Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Mysterious Wii

For Christmas, I was one of those crazy fanatics who needed a Wii. I was stumped as to what to get for the husband. I bid and lost on more Wii's on ebay that anyone can count. Finally, a few weeks before Christmas, I landed one. I purchased extra games - I purchased an extra remote - an extra nunchuck (huh?) and the famed Guitar Hero III and I was all set for Christmas morning.

I can tell you that the reception given to the Wii and all the componets I had worked so hard to get to the "shipping depot", a.k.a. our house before Christmas, was less than enthusiastic. I had almost expected it because he says there are so many things that he wants and drops hints for during the year that I shouldn't be stumped as to what type of gifts to give him for Christmas. For a few days, the Wii sat in the living room - untouched. Finally, the boys opened it. There has been no looking back since.

Now, it has become a leveraging tool, much as Santa is at Christmas time for DinoBoy. Twinkletoes has been happily playing away on on the laptop while her brother is engrossed with the Wii. Funny that in playing this game, he's getting a lot more stimulation and exercise than he would if he were just watching the boob-tube. I never thought I'd be a Mom saying that!! We have, however, ordered Twinkletoes her own remote control and nunchuck for the game and in time I'm sure she'll be just as good as her brother in playing the video games. Even the husband has been breaking a sweat while learning to play the Guitar Hero game. I have always known that he is of the comptetive nature but you should hear some of the comments that come out of his mouth while playing the games!!

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Trent's Mom said...

This is the first time I have checked your blog! I love it! What a wonderful family you have! You must be so proud!