Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes, that is only suffered by pregnant women.

In Gestational diabetes, a woman’s blood sugar is higher than normal because of the other hormones pridcued during preganancy interfere with the insulin that is produced naturally.

Gestational diabetes usually becomes apparent during the 24th to 28th weeks of pregnancy, and, in most cases, disappears of its own accord once the baby is born.

Women with gestational diabetes usually do NOT have an increased risk of having a baby with birth defects.

Generally, sufferers of gestational diabetes have normal blood sugar levels during the critical first stages of the preganancy. While there can be complications caused by gestational diabetes, these can usually be managed by careful attention to nutrition and blood sugar levels.

Approximately 3 to 5 percent of all pregnant women in the developed world suffer from gestational diabetes.

2/13 - just a bit of info just in case you didn't already all do your research on g.d. I am now the proud owner of a blood sugar testing kit and have to test three times a day for now. Ugh. No sugar – no cookies – no candy – no real soda – no ice cream. Luckily for all of us this baby is due in just ten short weeks. Hopefully there will be no bloodshed from sugar withdrawl in the meantime.

I go to see the nutritionist on Tuesday, the OB on Tuesday and then the endocrinologist the following Tuesday. Hopefully, I keep all appointment times straight and don't wind up in the wrong doctor's office. (Not that the trip to the endocrinologist's office was a walk in the park - geezoman - those women have got to find new jobs where they can be nasty to other people!!!)

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