Tuesday, January 18, 2011

amazon deal of the day: EPIC MICKEY FOR Wii

Each and every day, Amazon.com offers a "deal of the day".  Some are okay, some are downright dreadful but today's "deal" rivals one that I got right after Christmas on EMU boots.  Today, the deal is:  (drumroll!!)  EPIC MICKEY for Wii. 

Our son got this game for Christmas.  No doubt the gift giver is reading this blog and cringing in her shoes because the game is almost half of what she might have paid for it, pre-Christmas time pricing. 

DinoBoy, is a 9 year old loving gaming boy.  He also got an XBox 360 for Christmas and loves to play gory, war games on that.  This Epic Mickey game, though, gives those war games a run for their money!  He loves it!!!  He would play it for hours on end if we would let him.  And, let him we would, if the Wii wasn't attached now to the main TV in the house and is needed for other things (you know, like watching Nick Jr. and Sprout) besides gaming. 

I don't think you'll be disappointed if you purchase this game for a kidlet or even for your own Wii.  DinoBoy told me it has really good tutorials so that you can figure out what you're needing to do and which commands on the controllers will make your Mickey do just that.  (Huh? - Exactly, but the 9 year old understood completely and got irritiated with his non-gaming mom.) 

Hope you get in on this fabulous deal!! 

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