Thursday, January 20, 2011

When did I move to Vermont???

The day after Christmas, we had a blizzard.  The next week, snow.  The following week, more snow.  Our kids have already had a snow day from school and a 2 hour delayed opening.  Tonight, we're gearing up for more snow.  Not much, mind you.  I am sure the peeps in New England will get a nice wallop but they're in New England, not New Jersey!! 

Our snow for tonight, as of early this morning (because, quite frankly, I'm afraid to look at the forecast again) is supposed to start around 9ish and isn't scheduled to stop until around 6 a.m. - ish ... we're expecting 2-4 inches.  Do you think we should expect another 2 hour delay for the kidlets? 

On the horizon, another storm brewing, heading our way, scheduled to visit NJ on Tuesday-ish.  Notice all of the 'ishes.  That is meterolgist talk for "I don't have any idea what the heck is going on."  In my next career, I am going to be a meterologist and work for a Philly based station.  Why?  Because I can be wishy-washy and although everyone will complain, they'll still come back to me each time they have a weather related question. 

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Ruby's Raiser said...

LOL, and here in Colorado, I was wondering when I had moved to Florida! I bet your kids are happy about the snow days, but do you think they'd mind if you just sent a few inches our way? My dog would really appreciate it. ;)