Friday, February 4, 2011

Contest ending tonight ... low entries ...

Just a quick reminder that the contest for your very own copy of The Search by Suzanne Woods Fisher is ending tonight.  Here is the LINK to enter.  Spread the word!! 

Another contest that I currently have open is the Scentsy giveaway.  This giveaway doesn't end til next Friday, 2/11/11 and there are quite a few ways for you to enter.  You can even get extra entries by tweeting about it or blogging about it. 

Ok - so a little about the craziness in our life.  Or the non-craziness.  Dare I say it??  Other than my snapping when my head hurts and I'm extremely tired, things have been relatively calm.  We're looking forward to the weekend - dinner out as a family (remind me to charge the DS's), wrestling match for DinoBoy on Sunday a.m. then Superbowl at the new McMansion of our good friends.  Seriously, I might recommend installation of an intercom system so that my kids can play in their beautiful basement and we can have adult time upstairs.  Maybe I will bring walkie - talkies?  Do you think they'll laugh or get mad?  It is such a beautiful (and large) house!  Something we are not quite used to.  LOL 

Twinkletoes had her first pre-team gymnastics competiton last week.  Her coaches did it at our gym so that the girls could get a feel for what it is like to participate in gymnastics competition.  All who participated did fabulous!  I'm so proud of them all!   And when Twink came home from practice last night, she told me that she nailed her *front* handspring on the tumbletrack and with a wedge.  Next stop:  floor, baby!  She's progressing well and I am confident next fall she'll be a member of the team! 

A few other tidbits.  If you head over to, you can get The Choice for FREE.  You might not realize that you don't need a Kindle to actually utilize Kindle books.  You can get the software download for your PC, your phone (I know for sure iPhone and Droid have the apps), your iPad (no I wasn't a winner at last night's FB party @ Suzanne Woods Fisher's page but someone was!!  I'm very jealous of them!!)  But, this is an excellent way for you to "try" the Lancaster County Secrets series if you're not interested in purchasing them or if the wait list is too long at the library ... free!! 

And lastly, not free, but less expensive than the paperback, Celia's Journey by Heather Muzik is finally available for your Kindle.  Again, you need not own a Kindle in order to purchase this book!  Kudos for Heather for following up until she got what she wanted -- her book, affordable for all -- and in an electronic edition!  Wahoo!! 

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Sprout5 said...

Thanks for the follow! Following you back (sorry it took so long!)
I have a weekend blog hop if you are interested...
Have a great weekend!

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Gymnastics is great!

I just found your blog via one of the blog hops! Have a wonderful weekend.

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LeeAnn said...

I always question when it is calm in my house. ;-) It just isn't right.

Thanks for stopping by last weekend for Relax & Surf Sunday. I read your profile and saw that your an accountant. And you have a crazy life and need coffee? I'm definitely following! I hope to see you in the surf this weekend!