Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lessons Learned ...

SweeTart is feeling better... still sleepy but is generally her usual, rambunctious self.  This was evidently the case when I attempted to leave the house on Sunday morning with Twink but without SweeTart.  An extra large fuss was made and she even went as far as getting her boots and jacket on, after gathering her babies for a trip.  So, she won - and I put her in the car to head to Hubs office with me and Twink.  We were heading there because our house doesn't have a working printer and we still needed to make Twink's  valentines.  {main purpose of my trip to the office was to do the company's 1099s - trying to work and do valentines, not a good idea.}

On the way to the office, we had to make a stop at CVS to get candy to put into Twink's valentine treat bags. All was going well. SweeTart was a little miffed because I wouldn't let her buy Tinkerbell valentines but she'll get over it. Plus her party was on Thursday so she's done for the year. And I know I still have princess valentines somewhere in the cupboard -- which is overstocked with junk and no food (but that is a for another blog post.)  I'm sure we'll find them again around halloween and I'm also sure we'll lose them before February rolls around. We checked out of cvs. The girls trailing behind me as usual. When we were almost to the door, SweeTart darts back in to steal a box of tic tacs. Twink sees what she is doing and effectively clothes-lines her by pulling the hood on SweeTart's jacket so her feet go flying in front of her and the poor girl lands on her backside. Luckily Twink held tight to the hood or she'd have bashed her head on the floor. BUT - I got to explain things to both girls. to Twink - you do not clothes-line your sister unless she is in immediate and grave danger - i.e. like dropping skittles in the parking lot. You see, I was in front of her, and I simply could have caught her and told her "no" and we'd have put them back. To SweeTart - no stealing. I had candy for you in my bag. we must pay for everything. End of story. Otherwise you go home in a police car. Okay? Okay.

Bet you're glad you weren't in our CVS on Sunday morning.  We were a sight to be seen!

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noreen said...

Valentines Day is a big deal to little kids. They want just the right card and treat! Cute story.