Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday ...

Seems like it has been forever since I've done a blog post.  Things have been spinning wildly around here lately, and it hasn't just been the wind.  Wrestling season is winding down, baseball clinics have started, we're knee deep in gymnastics competition season and the little one is doing gymnastics lessons 1x/week and will start swim lessons in addition to that in a little bit.  Plus, I have had this nagging cough - bronchitis, the doc says - for 3 weeks already.  Long enough.  It's annoying.  It sucks not being able to walk to the ladies room at work without having a coughing fit and people treat me like I have the plague. Annoying, just like I said. 

Kids got their report cards about two weeks ago.  There was a significant improvement in DinoBoy's!  Seriously, I think it was the teacher who left to have her 2nd beebster in December.  The long term sub the district brought in is fabulous, first rate, can't say enough GREAT stuff about her!  She retired last year or the year before from our District, having taught the 3rd or 4th grade for many, many years.  She and I have been in email contact and she just seems to "get" our kid.  Which I love!!  And, he loves her!!  Twink's grade slipped up a little (LOL) not getting straight A's this marking period.  That danged B+ tripped her up!  She is doing great so far into this marking period, though, far as I can tell. 

We're readying our house to be put on the market.  We're out of space.  See the link on my sidebar for the "garage sale" type stuff I'm finding and listing daily.  If it is scrapbook stuff you're looking for, I've started a new id:  CoffeePlease2011 - I thought it was fitting.  Come check that stuff out too.  Yesterday I found an entire rolling container in the basement that I forgot.I.had!  Can you believe it?  Nope, I didn't either til I opened it.  All kinds of scrapbooking and cardmaking goodness was inside.  I've only listed a portion of my finds...I will be listing more as I find the time to take the pictures and write the enticing descriptions so that will make everyone have to have them!  Each time I turn my head, I realize how much STUFF we have.  Trying to figure that out will have to be a whole blog series.  LOL.  Right now, I am concentrating on "unstuffing" - and hopefully will do my book review of "unstuffed" this week too.  Have you had to do this recently?  How in the heck did you get through it??

Today is a beautiful day in NJ.  55* and sunny - really, can't ask for a more beautiful end to the weekend.  Grilling dinner outside tonight will be a stolen pleasure that we haven't been able to enjoy for a long time.  (I did grill last weekend, and froze my arse off while doing it!)  Last I saw, there was rain in our forecast for the next few days. 

Tomorrow, I begin the next step in my journey to ... fit in my "regular" pants.  I am going to once again participate in a Yoga Pilates Fusion class offered right up the road through our continuing education program in the District.  Followed by: (drumroll) KETTLEBELLS class.  If you're closeby or even far away, you may want to touch base with me on Tuesday.  Last time I tried the kettlebells class, I nearly died!  So - with this cough - and being out.of.shape, I have a long night ahead of me tomorrow night!! 


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Sounds like a lot of great things are going on with you. I'm thinking of putting my little one in gymnastics. I figure since she's climbing all over the place like a monkey anyway, I might as well. It was lovely today in NJ. We took a family walk for the first time in a long time.

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Enjoy your yoga class! I hope it goes well. A kettlebells class? That would be amazing!

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