Wednesday, February 9, 2011

virtual yard sale - i'm clearing out!

On eBay, I'm better known as Jonahs_mom.  Take a quick peek at things I have for sale.  Other than the strange man who bought our dune buggy, I've had okay luck with eBay, especially after a friend of mine from work taught me how to use "calculated shipping" as opposed to flat rate shipping which has been saving me a ton of money.   I had been offering everyone the same shipping cost, no matter where they lived, not realizing that it costs more to send a "priority mail" to LA than it does to NYC from where we are. 

I first started using eBay, years ago - when DinoBoy was an infant and I was looking for inexpensive formula ... the breastfeeding thing with him just didn't work out although I had enough milk to feed him plus another ten kids ... he just wasn't buying it and I was spending more time pumping than I was doing other things - i.e. sleeping.  I was a train wreck.  I found people selling CASES of the formula we were using - my guess is they worked at doctor's offices and received the formula for free, so they were able to sell it less than the retail price.  It worked for me.  At the same time, my Dad also had a pretty good following selling and buying coins which is how I even thought of using eBay to begin with. 

Now, I consider eBay my virtual yard sale.  Who has time to gather all of the stuff and put it out on the front lawn anymore?  And, really, I think most people come, look at your stuff then come pick your trash on trash day.  I've seen it.   I've made a few extra bucks so far selling my old but new (unused) scrapbooking items, some baby items (quilt and selling a crib bumper now) and anything I notice is selling on eBay.  We've got an overload of kids toys and clothes, and not the same abundance of space that we once had before we had three kidlets and two dogs.  I am trying to figure out a way to keep my stuff to a manageable level ... and right now, eBay seems to be the solution.  How do you unload all of your stuff??


Stephanie said...

I used to love selling on ebay, but the last time, two of my auctions had people complaining. Basically, they we trying to find anything and everything they could wrong just so they didn't have to pay. Really soured my opinion. Luckily, ebay backed me and I got my money. But still. It was such a huge pain!! Hope you never have any buyers like that!

Marjory Steele Skousen said...

Never done EBay. But, always woundered about it. I'm your new follower for the Follow Me Wed. come on by and follow me back.