Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Orff Concert 2/7/11

Last night we attended Twink's Orff Concert which was rescheduled after the snow last week (or was it the week before?  All of the snow around here is truly turning into one large snowfall for me.)   If you are not familiar with an Orff Concert, I put a link in the first sentence for you to check out Wikipeida to learn all about it.  :-)  I can definitely tell you that Twink absolutely loved doing it and now wants piano lessons.  She has been asking for piano lessons forever and I almost had her sold on guitar lessons - I think after I explain that we have a guitar at home (somewhere) and we do not have a piano at home or anywhere nearby, she would be able to practice guitar but wouldn't be able to practice piano.  I think I am just wasting my breath though.  She wants what she wants when she wants it.  Got it?!

A photo of her group performing.  She wants to sign up to perform again on 5/25.  She loved it that much!  Awesome!!   

This weekend we also had a wrestling match.  DinoBoy lost both bouts that he wrestled but we are so proud of him for going out there and wrestling those other kidlets!!  Very proud!! (There is another match this weekend and I'm so bringing my camera even though he has already told me I am not allowed!)

Don't forget about the great Scentsy Giveaway.  Scroll down to the bottom of that post to see how to enter (super easy!) and leave a comment!  Only about 30 entries as of now ... it ends 2/12! 

Looking foward to spending some kidlet-free time with Hubs this weekend -- heading to the Flyers game and out to dinner on Sunday evening. Yippee!

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Stephanie said...

Oh how exciting!!! Congrats to her!! And your son too!

And have fun on your kid-free night!!! It's rare that we get that!!