Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Is it a full moon?

Just wondering...there was a one car accident behind our house this morning. I was the lucky one that got to call 911. Here a young man went off the road into a telephone pole, and smacked his head pretty good on the windshield. No other cars were involved. He was okay, got checked out by the EMTs and was waiting for a ride to come get him when I left for work. The power is knocked out on the entire "circuit" ... a bunch of blinking lights are out and a major traffic light on 206 was out with State Police directing traffic there. My friend lost power during her shower (it really does suck!). Luckily, our power is still on, which means the kids get to watch thier morning shows before school today. Then on my way to work, I had two people make sudden right hand turns, from the driving lane, with no blinker, right in front of me. Hello -- who taught these people how to drive???

And - there is something I need to know. Last year, I had a list of what the Palentologist needed for kindergarten -- supply wise. 3 #2 pencils, a hard pencil case, 2 jumbo glue sticks, 2 packs of markers, 1 pack of 8 crayons, scissors, etc. Well, don't you know he comes home yesterday with his pencil case. Guess what is inside? Not everything but a lot of it. The 8 pack of crayons - doesn't even look like they were used. Both gluesticks - used but barely. Markers and scissors are missing. Three #2 pencils: haven't even been sharpened. Why did I bust my butt the week before school pulling this stuff together if they didn't even use it??? Do I still fill Twinkletoes' entire list of items for kindergarten this coming fall??? Just wondering...

Hope you have a better day than I'm having!

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