Monday, June 11, 2007

What a NERD!

Ok, only I would do this ... master scrapbooker and taker of pictures -- I would attend a retirement party for one of my favorite high school teachers and coaches and bring with me a camera with a DEAD battery. Hello? What was I thinking? I am still trying to figure it out. I haven't seen some of the people in attendance in over 15 years. Teachers, classmates ... ugggh. I'm so mad at myself I could scream!
Kudos to the planners of such a fantastic party. They did well in bringing many people together to celebrate a Mr. Morgan's epic career at PHS. I think that he was a little overwhelmed that so many people cared so much about him and that people came from near (Moorestown, Medford, etc.) and far (Pennsylvania, San Diego, Connecticut) to pay their respects. Not often something like this happens. It was great seeing everyone and talking to people that meant the world to me in high school.
I, being the pain in the rear that I am, received special dispensation to bring the Palentologist and Twinkletoes to this party although the invitation clearly read "Adults Only Please." Had I not been able to bring them, we'd have been sitting at home - probably spending a lot of time n our respective bedrooms because it seems that these kids have a certain knack for talking back and being smart alecs these days. Instead, I took them (almost as my security blanket) to this party - not knowing what to expect. Jamie, the host, welcomed them with open arms. He has kids, 4 of them, infact - 2 of them were the same ages as the Palentologist and Twinkletoes. It was awesome!!! I almost didn't know that they were there. They played with each other without killing each other, they played nicely with the other kids. They were respectful of the adults that were there and used their manners. They made me very proud!! Of course, they also made a liar out of me but I'll take that any day over having to yell at them constantly for silly stuff. I was able to have adult conversations with people I haven't seen in over a decade. Can you imagine not seeing people that you cared so much about at one point in your life for that long??? It was truly a fantastic day!

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