Tuesday, June 5, 2007


...the same. Weekly weigh ins were today. I'm the same as last week. Ugggh. The other girls are losing weight. My boss is losing weight and I'm stagnant. Could it be that I ate at PJ's last night? The scale is definitely tipping in that direction. Next Tuesday is the final weigh in. I have to drop a good 5 lbs during the week otherwise, this team may just string me up!!!

The Palentologist and his Dad went to the NASCAR race in Dover yesterday which was rained out on Sunday. They had an awesome time!! I think that the entire experience was definitely overwhelming for him and his Dad thinks that he may have gotten a little vertigo from climbing up into the grandstands and watching the cars go round and round and round ... but he was okay last night. A little whiny at dinner but other than that ... he can't wait to go back in September. He let us know that Twinkletoes and I are invited to that race. This one was just for "the boys".

We had a good weekend too. The kids nearly melted at the Tball field at their afternoon game on Saturday but we made up for that by going to the swim club afterwards. The entire way to the swim club, they were asking "can I go off the diving board?" "can we go down the slide?" -- it took me a while to explain to them that they may have to "remember" how to swim. Its been quite a while since they were in a pool. After about an hour in the pool, I was no longer worried that they'd drown if I turned my back for a minute. They remembered, and remembered well. Twinkletoes just puts her face in the water, arms back and swims like a mermaid. When she puts her arms into it for a freestyle stroke, she just gets confused. We'll work on that again this summer. I have them signed up for lessons but not scheduled - yet. I should probably get on that ... today. The Palentologist has to remember to keep his rear end up or he's going to be swimming to nowhere -- fast! But he's not sinking and that is what counts in my book.

Dogs ... Guinness is good. Jack is good. Sudz was at the vet yesterday. He has a lump on his chest. Dr. T. said that it is about 7 mm -- too small to aspirate so we made plans to bring him back on Thursday a.m. to have it removed under a local anesthesia. While he's out, they'll clean his teeth and cut his nails. So, there is an upside to the story!! They'll send it away for a biopsy -- the problem with these Boxers is cancer. I don't know what we'll do if it is cancer -- just keep our fingers crossed and hope that the lump they're going to remove is all of it? I cannot bear to tell my kids that another of their pets has cancer ... especially since we just lost Sprite at the end of last year.

Scrapbooking ... haven't done squat. Nanny Extraordinnaire and my Stepmom went to an all day crop on Saturday benefiting the Pinelands Watershed Alliance. They said it was the best one they've been too and they've been checking out a lot lately. I haven't gotten anything done in ages. This weekend, we need to make an "All About Me" poster for Twinkletoes. You'd have thought since I've known about this project that I would have been working on it diligently for a while? Nope, not me. Its due Monday. We'll do it on Sunday. Good thing we have most of the supplies on hand out in my garage "surplus" scrapbook store.

Think that is it for the day ... I'm sure I'm forgetting something ... but it's going to be a beautiful day. Make the most of it!
2 hours later -- I remembered what I forgot ... the Nanny Extraordinnaire only has ONE carseat since the Dad has the other in his truck from taking the Palentologist to the races yesterday. YIKES!!!!

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