Friday, June 1, 2007


T.G.I.F. That says it all. The trip to Jamaica seems like a dream and that it didn't really happen at all...its strange how that happens, isn't it? You have a few days of relaxation then -blam- you're right back where you left from, and then some!

The Puppy - Guinness is healing well. His toe, thank goodness, does not need to be removed. Thanks to the Nanny Extraordinnaire for all of her hard work getting him better. It was all the husband and I could do to make sure he got his medicine at night, then we abandoned them mid-treatment to jet-set to Jamaica. Now if we can get rid of these stinking mites -- which are not contagious to us or to other animals -- we'd be batting a thousand!

The Palentologist - kindergarten is almost over. I think that he is looking forward to having a somewhat "free" summer. He is enrolled in a reading class through Rutgers for 6 weeks for two hours a week, plus homework. But he's excited that he's learning how to read and all that other fun stuff that goes with kindergarten, so its all good. :-) LAX is over. Its debatable whether he'll play again next year. Tball will be over next week. He loves that so we'll be in quite a quandary next year when it decision making time. No more two sports per season for us. We're quite lucky we survived this spring!

Twinkletoes - preschool graduation is on the 15th of June and there is no one more excited than our Twinkletoes. She has come such a long way -- can you believe she will be five on the 19th? I can't. From her early beginnings -- 4 weeks before her due date at a mere SEVEN and a HALF pounds!!! (can you imagine if she baked for another 4 weeks??) She now gives her brother a run for his money weight wise! She is now finished LAX and had expressed an interest in playing again next year, until last night when she overheard me telling another Tball mom that she probably wouldn't play Tball again next year as she likes LAX more. She found it necessary to tell me that she IS going to play Tball again next year. Typical woman! She will be taking a reading class through Rutgers this summer as well and she's also let me know that she will be in the kindergarten enrichment class for a few days a week too -- because it is not fair that her brother gets to go to two schools when he is in kindergarten and she will only get to go to one. Overachiever? Perhaps. I'm afraid of where she'll want to go to law school!

The Birthday Girl - Ok, so I missed her first birthday and all the fun surrounding it. I'm SORRY!! She looks like she had a great time and I'll be sure not to schedule another vacation at her birthday time -- forever. (If my sister holds me to this for the rest of my life, I am in some deep you know what!!) Looks as if they had to put her in a kiddie pool to get all of the cake icing cleaned up from her entire body. And from what my sister has been telling me, she (and her brother too) love the Backyardigans stuffed animals that we gave her for a birthday present. I would have brought her back a nice pair of earrings or something of the nature if my sister didn't give me an answer of "when she's old enough to ask" - when I asked when her ears would be pierced. Twinkletoes had hers done before she was a year old. No problems, mon! *smile*

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