Thursday, October 25, 2007

check it out

Did you see the new little icon that i have over here on the left? Pretty cool, isn't it? One click a day funds food and housing for animals in need. Thought that since we're all so busy every day and no one really wants to donate any more than they need to (I know, it doesn't sound like I mean it to, but hopefully you know what I mean.) At this site, you can also click to support Breast Cancer; Hunger; Child Health; Literacy; and the Rainforest. One stop shopping! If you purchase from one of these websites, even more monies are donated to the charities in question.

Also, I've added a blog to my "blogs I enjoy list" - it is a blog that promotes buying American Made Stuffs - in order to keep American jobs here instead of shipping them out overseas. Pretty neat. Its called Made in the USA - check it out if you have time. They're even doing raffles and giving stuff away. Not too bad!!

Not much else going on. The kids are doing a fund raiser so if you need cookie dough, pies or frozen soft pretzels, be sure to let Dino Boy know. Actually, I think he is the only one who brought the paper work home. He also came home with his school pictures yesterday too. Not Twinkletoes. Wonder where her stuff is?

This weekend is Dino Boy's last weekend of soccer. Thank goodness. Its been a long haul with him and soccer. He seems to enjoy it but he's lacking direction in how to actually play the sport. Maybe we should send him to a summer camp or something this coming summer. We'll see. Twinkletoes plays through next weekend and even has a night game on 11/1. She's pretty excited about that!!

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