Friday, October 26, 2007

Wildfires 2007

I know you're all tuned in - as we all are - pretty much 24/7 to the Wildfires currently raging in California. Its a devastating prospect - losing all you own and escaping with only the clothes on your back and a few little things. I saw on the news this morning a man and his nephew sifting through the ashes of his MIL's home - she's 81 and had been in the house for over 20 years. They were able to find (literally, using a sifter) a few rare coins that were still hot from the fire and a few pieces of jewelry that she owned. I don't know what I would do -- what would I grab? Seems that even some of the fire proofed safes aren't able to withstand the intense heat these fires which are reportedly fueled by dry conditions and 90 mph "Santa Anna" winds.

I guess all of the "information" can be replaced - birth certificates, social security cards, financial information, etc. But what about the other stuff? What about the scrapbooks??? What about the videos of my wedding in Jamaica? Now, I know it is just stuff - and stuff isn't your family or your life but I would be devastated. I have pictures of my father beaming in Jamaica. Who'd have thunk he'd actually get on the plane and go to Jamaica for our wedding? Pictures of my BIL's supposed last trip in an airplane!!! I'm sure eventually my SIL will convince him to once again brave the skies - but - know what I mean? What about the first teeth that the kids lost? I don't know what will ever become of them anyhow but at least I have them and I know where they are. Pictures of my Poppop H. at my wedding reception and my college I scan them all and upload to a secure picture server some place else? Pictures of my FIL and his family before all of the feuds and fights and if you know the family, you know what I mean. Pictures of my Uncle Ray and my Uncle Tony ... my Aunt Hon, Nan, Aunt Kay and Uncle Paul, Dana, Uncle Matt and Aunt Helen from high and grade schools (before the digital age) ... ultrasound pictures ... okay ... you get my point. I'm still clueless as to what I would do if I were in this situation and I pray that I never am faced with something that I'm mentally and spiritually unprepared for.

On a side note, one of the student groups here at school, is collecting items to be sent out to CA to help those who are in need. Please let me know if you've got anything that you'd like to contribute - right now I think they're concentrating on toiletry items and the like that people may be in need of. I'm sure I can convince my kids to clean up their toy room and I'll send the toys (which have been barely played with) out to make some other little kid happy. Here is the link for donations to the Red Cross for the California Wildfires:

Thanks to Janine for providing me with the most up to date link to their local newstation so that they can efficiently direct their efforts to helping where it is needed the most. You rock Janine! Give the kids a squeeze for me!

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