Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rainy Saturday

Hello - we're soggy!! Its been raining for practically 3 whole days. Jack and Guinness are spending more time in their crates today than they have in their entire lives with us! The soccer games that were scheduled for today were cancelled because the fields are under water. Dino Boy's game is tentatively scheduled for next Saturday at 10 a.m. Maybe they'll just cancel Twinkletoes' game all together. She is already playing a make up game on Thursday night and her last game is scheduled for Saturday at 10:30.

I am not looking forward to Saturday. In addition to the soccer games, I'm scheduled to vend at a crop to support my friend's PTO. Its not far away, maybe 15 miles or so, but I'll be needing to go - set up, come home - get the kids ready and out the door, go to the fields - watch their last games, get them back home - hope that the Husband is home to watch them (or find a sitter at the last minute - not always the easiest thing to do because we aren't the only ones that are busier than we know how to deal with) and then get back to the crop for the next, oh, 9 hours. I am not complaining about going to a scrapbook event. I haven't been to one since the weekend away in March. I have a ton of projects to work on - and, truthfully, I'm hoping to pick up one or two new customers at the crop and reacquaint myself with other customers that I haven't heard from in while. So - I'm shutting the trap. It will all be fine. The kids will do well on Saturday. I will not lose my mind and I'll get 10 new customers! :-) Isn't that how the "secret" tells you to do it? Or was that Peter Pan - think happy thoughts? Whatever, it'll all be good.

The Husband, a few of his buddies and his partner at BLA are up in New Brunswick for the Rutgers/WV football game today. Yes, you heard it right, in the RAIN. Thankfully, I'm here and only ventured out to McDonald's for lunch and the video store. (Hello - why else would I be blogging in the middle of the afternoon?) I haven't heard from my husband but Chris heard from hers. They're WET. Very wet. He was afraid to use his phone for long because the water might ruin it. The game started at noon - still in the thick of the rain (the sun is starting to peek through here) and we were able to gain access to the alumni Hospitality Tent. They were supposedly serving food, beverages (including beer and wine) all at no cost to alumni and their guests. See this is why I'm still paying my student loans off. We pay them for long enough - and they give back to us! hee hee!!!! I wonder if any of them thought to take pictures with their phones? Did they brave it? Doubt the thought even crossed their minds. Would have been neat to see. I did take a picture or two with my phone when we went to the RU/Navy game a few weeks back. I did get a few weird looks from my Husband. Oh well. Can't have everything - a few pictures to scrapbook would have been fun though!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! I'm thinking of sending the kids outside to stomp in the puddles. I think this baby is affecting my thoughts. I am surely losing my mind!! :-)

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