Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Nothing much new going on.

Heard that one of my SIL's is expecting around the same time as me. Pretty exciting stuff!!!! But, she hasn't told us yet - so I bide my time wondering when it will be common knowledge. Its an exciting concept - having babies around the same time. They'll be able to grow up together - share fun stuff together - and be close in age, very close in age. That doesn't say much for anything in our family though - age. It seems that no matter what the age difference, all the cousins seem to care equally about one another. The older ones protect and look after the little ones. The little ones worship the ground the oldies walk on. Its quite a neat thing to sit back and watch.

I had cousins. They were all around the same age as us and it really didn't affect me on as astounding a basis as my kids and their cousins. Don't get me wrong. I love my cousins. I love spending time with them - then and now. They're interesting friends and bring a lot into my life. But to watch my little ones actually worship the older kids in the family - it is pretty cool. And to watch the older ones have as much patience and understanding and time to play with the little ones (as much of a PiTA as they may be at times) - it makes me proud. I hope that my kids can do that at one time or another. We'll see. They're on the low end of the totem pole, I think, agewise. Not quite sure how many will come after them. For all I know these two due in April may be the last. You never quite know until it hits you on the head. ;-)

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