Monday, October 22, 2007

Fogo de .... I'm full!

This weekend we had an adult's night out. We haven't done something of this nature in quite a while!!! We rented a limo - a big Excursion one - dropped the kids with the SIL and took a trip into Philly to the coolest restaurant we've been to in a while: If you are not familiar with this restaurant, it is worthwhile to take a spin on the website to check it out, but I can tell you all you need to know. :)

When you arrive, your server greets you and makes you aware that the restaurant offers a "two-course meal" which is included in your cost of dinner (all dinners are the same price, there is no ordering here - except for drinks and dessert.) Your first course is this amazing salad bar. They have everything short of the kitchen sink (and cocktail shrimp as we were reminded by friends who have gone to another Brazilian Steakhouse in Myrtle Beach). I was so full by the time I only half finished the food that was on my salad plate, that I didn't know what to do with myself. As you finish your salad course, the server brings you a clean plate. You, when you sit down initially, also have this token at your seat, which kind of resembles a coaster. It is red on one side and green on the other. This comes into play when you've received your clean plate and you're ready to start eating your second course!

The second course is like nothing I have ever seen before. There are servers running all over the place with meats on huge swords (skewers) and if you have your token on the "green" or "go" side, they'll come to your side and offer you the meat that they currently have. You also get a cool pair of miniature tongs that you use to catch the meat as they server is carving it off of the "slab" in front of you - to transfer to your plate and enjoy. You can have as much or as little as you want and you can try nothing or everything - for TWO hours. I cannot eat that much these days but I'll tell you - our guys put a lot down. They just about every type of steak you can imagine, along with chicken wrapped in bacon, chicken legs, lamb chops, beef ribs, pork ribs, parmesan crusted pork, I cannot even remember half of what they brought out. I think I can remember what I tried though. I had filet, garlic sirloin, regular sirloin, parmesan crusted pork, chicken wrapped in bacon, filet wrapped in bacon and I think that is it. I know the husband had all of that plus a chicken leg, prime rib, pork ribs and lamb chops. I think the only meat we didn't see at our table was beef spare rib. But that is okay. I stopped eating while others were still going strong. I saved enough room to try a dessert (I could only eat 1/4 of it) and a cup of coffee!! I would love to go back. It was a lot of fun. I even saw someone that I knew from high school while we were there. Can you imagine?

On the way home, we were able to stop at a bar, have a few drinks (no, I only had Sprite - no need to get your knickers in a knot!) watch the Red Sox kick the daylights out of the Indians and then head home all before it was time for the limo rental to be finished. I was alseep probably before the limo even returned to where ever his home is - I even had my glasses on when I woke up a few hours later. I was full and exhausted. Guess that caffeine and sugar high didn't last as long as I expected it too. I should have had another cup of coffee when we got to the bar instead of drinking Sprite!!

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