Tuesday, October 16, 2007


October is a hectic month. But, as I'm finding out with two kids in school and sports - all months are. I was hoping for a slow down in October, but I haven't found it yet.
Twinkletoes loves school. Too bad our kindergarten isn't full day!! She is only getting homework one or two nights a week and she's doing it in her kindergarten enrichment class before she comes home which is kind of crazy because she's still looking for something to do while the Dino Boy is doing his homework. Soccer is only on Saturday's for her and she will play at our local fields at 10:30 this weekend. Dino Boy, coincidentally, plays at 10 this Saturday and we have to be at Wrestling Registration between 10:30 and noon. Somehow I think we'll be walking in as the registrars are walking out.
Both Mommoms are sick. Not a good thing. Trying to figure out what is going on with my mom's mom. She's just passing out at inopportune moments - such as shopping in the Walmart and she's dizzy and feeling sick almost all the time. YUK. The docs are sending her for bloodwork and testing. Who the heck knows what's going on. I believe she's going back to the doctor tomorrow for another check up. We'll see. Dad's mom has cancer - back with a vengance from what I've been told. Not a good thing. She is weak and sick and it just plain sucks. Please keep them both in your prayers.
What else? Everything is good with the dogs (knock on wood). Jack is almost finished his medicine for Lyme's. Guinness and Sudz have been playing together a lot more than usual lately and Jack is watching jealously.
On Sunday, we tried to go to Conte's to get pumpkins. I wanted a no hassle - let's get the pumpkins and some ice cream and get out of here kind of trip. The place was MOBBED!!! People were coming out of the bakery building waiting in line for ice cream (which was sideways on some of the cones that I saw because they were serving so much of it - the machines couldn't keep up). People were waiting in lines for a ride to the pumpkin field to pick out their own pumpkins. Ok, its fun sometimes, but there are other times just getting a pumpkin is enough. Thank goodness the kids didn't give me a hard time about the ride. No way I was doing that and then getting stuck in a field for who knows how long. Forget it! See the spirit of Halloween lives on!! Maybe we'll head up one day after school for the ice cream that we missed out on. I hear they have an apple flavor. I would really like to pass on that one but later in the month they do a pumkin flavor ... it tastes just like pumpkin pie. It is awesome!!
Ok, I think that is everything in a nutshell. One of my friends is doing a Pampered Chef show on Friday. If you're in need of something, let me know. Then next week, another friend is doing a Tupperware/Tastefully Simple/Longaberger open house. Likewise, if you need something, please let me know. :-) Hope everything is GREAT with you!

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