Friday, July 27, 2007


Can't you just hear the money falling from the sky and into my "vet account" (or it should be called - "pay off the animal credit cards account"). I've been reading like a fiend this summer. It is the first summer that I've done so in .... I can't remember when. Maybe before the kids were born?? I've always LOVED to read. I guess that is why its so hard for me to understand why DinoBoy isn't as anxious as I am for him to read. *sigh* Anyway - I've listed most of the books I've read this summer on ebay. Don't get me wrong, these are not books that require a lot of brain power to get through like the Kite Runner or something like that - Most are just mindless "summer reading" I like to call them. Romances, a little mystery, some gore ... you know - whatever gets you through. *smiles* So, I have a bid of $5.00 for the Virgin River Trilogy. Not bad. I also sold a first edition of Joe Hill's Heart Shaped Box with buy it now!! Wahooo!

If you're not familiar with Joe Hill, and you're a fan of horror, you should definitely meet his acquaintance. Joe Hill is none other than the son of Stephen King! I had seen him on GMA one morning (or heard him on GMA while riding to work is more like it) and he was promoting this book of his - I ordered it as soon as I got to my desk! It was fantastic! Not a hard read, not too long like some of those King books can be and not complicated at all like the other King books that aren't long ... I definitely suggest you give him a shout if you're in the mood for a change of pace.

Ok, off of that soapbox and on to another ... we had an awesome time last night. At least I did. I enjoyed the music and the husband took me to a quick dinner beforehand too. Its funny the crowd you get at a Jim Brickman concert. I am not sure how big the following he has really is but you always get that strange mixture of fans of whomever he is touring with. This time, he was touring with a jazz-saxaphone guy. The guy was good but a lot of those songs sound the same. I can't tell if it is Dave Koz or Kenny G or this guy that we saw last night. I guess you just have to have an ear for it. Its not something that I want to listen to every day but once in a while, its not bad. The husband on the other hand regards Jazz, especially with a sax, the same kind of annoyance as nails on a chalkboard. And he sat through an hour of it, without getting up, having a stroke or complaining in my ear about it. Intermission was a different story. I thought he was ready to leave before Jim Brickman even came on! Not to mention that we bought drinks at the bar and I put $6 in the tip jar - accidentally. Our drinks were $3.50. I threw the change in and then was trying to get the dollar separated from the five but couldn't do it quick enough -- i didn't want my hand to be hanging out in their tip jar for an unnecessary amount of time -- so I just dropped both bills in the jar. Ok, I will give the husband $5 of my dollars if that makes him happy because he was certainly not happy that I did that. But - we spent money on dinner, then a drink before the concert and these drinks at intermission. The drinks totalled less than $20, even with my generous tip. Now that is a lot less than if we go to another concert, say at the Tweeter Center where a beer is $11 ... so quit your bellyaching ... I had an awesome time and all in all, I'm still a cheap date.

Must get to work for BLA before I'm allowed to go to the beach today. Hope I can get it done -- Its going to be a swelter basket today! YUK. Gotta love this state in the middle of summer. Heat and Humidity Galore. TGIF!

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