Monday, July 9, 2007

We're baaaack.....

Yes, you're right --it has been a while - a long while since I've had any time to post. And, truthfully, I don't have time today either but here goes. As I try to remember where I left off with this blog of the drama of my life, you'll have to forgive me for babbling, going out of order or just getting confused. This is why you love my blog. Don't be fooled. I'm like this for real too. So, if you love the blog, you'll love me too.

Ok - Sudz & cancer. Yes, it was cancer. Yes, we did have another surgery. What else could we do? The doctor wouldn't release him from his ultrasound until we said "yes" we'll do another. Ok, it wasn't really like that but she did bring us in (and I mean all of us -- me, the husband, twinkletoes, the palentologist and the nanny extraordinnaire)to let us know that they didn't find anything on the ultrasound that would lead us to believe that the cancer is in any of his organs or lymphnodes but she did strongly recommend having the 2nd surgery to "clean the edges" of where he had the previous surgery. (which reminds me, I should probably check the balance of my checking account to make sure that I can buy groceries this week). I told her that we needed to talk about it because we were enroute to the nephews' graduation and we would get back to her. So -- before we even got to the high school where this 8th grade graduation ceremony was taking place, we decided to have the surgery. I mean, it is Sudz. The king. The first born. How could we not?

He had the surgery the day before we left for the Outer Banks (which was Friday the 29th, just in case you live on another planet and didn't know when we were on vacation.) He did well and was very alert when we picked him up. The doc called with the most recent biopsy reports and everything looks good. She did advise that we should have his lymphnodes tested every so often ... forever, just to make sure there is nothing fishy going on. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Maybe at his next well visit? I think that is in November. Gives us at least a few months without having to visit the vet for him (notwithstanding our appointment to have the stitches removed from his 5 inch cut where they did this surgery).

What else? I think I will just do a separate post for our vacation days ... seems like it will be easier on your eyes and my brain .... hopefully I will get it done by tomorrow.

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