Monday, July 23, 2007

A Wet Monday

It's a dreary morning here. I actually love rainy days but not today - I have too much to get done! Not outside but sometimes the dreary weather makes my work computer run a little bit slower and I have to go from building to building today because of meetings. YUK! The Nanny Extraordinnaire will also have her hands full today as the kids won't be able to go to the swim club or even the pool next door. An entire day with four kids stuck in the house! (The Fifth is at a stay-away soccer camp for the entire week!!! I'm sure that she'll do awesome, but what do they do when it is raining? Think they go inside a gym or tough it out in the rain all day?)

We had a fun weekend that started on Thursday night! The Husband, Nanny Extraordinnaire, me and Auntie C went to see The Police at Citizens Bank Park in Philly. It was fantastic!!! I was worried at first that I wouldn't know too many of the songs but I really thought it would be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Sting and the Police. As it turned out, I knew all the songs but 2 or 3 and I sat down for those two or three! The rest of the time I was up dancing at my seat. I don't know how you could watch them rock it out from a sitting position!! The tickets were definitely worth it!!

Friday was a down night for us - which was good because we went to our friends' house for their annual "Farm Fair Party". Can you believe that I didn't take one single picture? I took the camera bag which held inside my "big" camera, my "little" camera and the video camera. I never pulled the bag from under the chair where the husband was sitting until it was time to go. Every year, J/C put on an awesome party. Next year, I will supply a Super-Sized bottle of Tums to go with the Margarita Machine! The kids had an excellent time not only on the rides at the fair but up in the fort and the swings at the house. We took them over to play games of chance after dark but after dropping $40 in the blink of an eye, it was all over. Can you believe that one game is $5? ONE GAME. What happened to the $1 games? They did get to play skee-ball where you get 3 games of 4 balls each for $2. They played that a few times. But - no prizes unless you score 450 points; for my kids, that was tough. Dino Boy was at 400 a few times but no cigar. They were able to find a "fishing" game that was $5 per play but you were guaranteed a small prize for your money. That's nice. A toy that is 2 for a buck at the dollar store, I just paid $5 for. I'm not usually a miser with my money; I just find it hard to believe that people bring and spend this kind of money at a fair. I did find a vendor at the back of the fair who had "street fair" items - blow up Scooby Doo and Barney's. Next year, the kids can play 2 games each and then we'll go buy them something that they want -- seems like we'll win all the way around. We shall see.

Yesterday, the Husband took the kids swimming next door. They swam for hours and hours. I took a trip to the hardware store to purchase the special stain for the inside of our front door. The outside is now stained mahogany and is beautiful. What they don't tell you when you purchase the door and the stain kit is that the stain kit that you just purchase is only enough for one side of the door. What kind of crap is that? Good thing we did the outside of the door first or I'd have been very po'ed. Wound up getting a lighter color for inside but am just irritated now because you can't even go buy the stain off the shelf (for a fiberglass door) you need to special order it and it takes 10-14 days to arrive in the store. Now this is a racket as well!

Today is a soggy Monday and I must get to work. One more cup of coffee and I should be able to open my eyes and function for the day. Have a great week!

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