Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dear President Obama and the Dork from BP:

Dear President Obama and the Dork head of BP:

I'm pretty sure that everyone in the world thinks that this "accident" has gone on for long enough.  While people tell me that there were safety measures in place so that "accidents" such as these don't happen, it seems that, woops - someone screwed up.  Because of this unfortunate screw up, millions and millions and millions of gallons of oil - a precious natural resource - is spewing into the Gulf of Mexico.  Not only is this accident depleting our supply of a fossil fuel that can never be replaced (thanks to  my 3rd grader's science book) it is wreaking havoc on the ecosystems of the Gulf and the States which border the Gulf.  And, making the United States look stupid dumber than ever LAZY

Children playing with tar balls on the beach?  Dolphins, fish, Pelicans and other shore birds, crabs and other crustaceans being coated with and eventually killed by the oil?  In this day and age?  Are you kidding me?  How long has it been?  Over two months???  

Here is my solution.  Create a giant sleeve - you know a rubber sock looking thing - maybe along the same lines of a condom, except it will have holes at both ends but it needs elasticity and a drawstring on one end.  Slip the sleeve over the giant spewing pipe; oil is now diverted into the sleeve.  Have a series of tankers at the top of the ocean to receive oil which will now be being spewed into the sleeve - cinch drawstring at bottom - hence clamping the sleeve to the broken pipe.  Keep filling tankers with oil from the sleeve until someone can figure out a way to either CAP this well or FIX IT PROPERLY. 

Really, I'm sure that you are getting thousands and thousands of recomendations to at least temporarily fix this "accident".  I really won't be offended if you do not use my suggestion but how about doing SOMETHING?  Millions of my tax dollars are being spent to bail banks out of their "dire straits" ... can we divert some of them to get the govenment moving because they need to step in, step on BP - whatever.  Get 'r fixed and get it done QUICKLY.  I can not, for the life of me, understand what the hold up is. 

The United States is quick to react when there is a natural disaster elsewhere, sending supplies and troops and all types of aid to the affected country/region/etc.  Why, when there is a natural disaster in our own yard can't we do the same? 

I could go on and on and on about this whole situtaion.  While I love my country and the environment, I am certainly no tree hugger.  But this is making my stomach turn.  So many families out of work, so many hundreds of miles of beach ruined, so many animals DEAD or suffering --- I would certainly appreciate it if our politicans and other members of the governement would get off of their lazy keisters and do their JOBS.  Get this fixed.  Get it cleaned up.  Frankly,  I don't really give a crap whose fault it is.  Right now, the priority has to be getting it fixed and gettng everything cleaned up.  POINT FINGERS LATER! 

Thank you for your time.



Cara Smith said...

I agree...something needs to be done that actually has a chance of stopping new oil being spewed into the water.

And, aren't there lessons learned from the Exxon Valdez spill? Doesn't anyone know how to get the clean up started?

Sara said...

Thank you!!! Oh My Word, this situation makes me so angry. How hard can this be? In two months there isn't a single solution? It's total garbage. Everyone nneds to pull on their big boy pants and FIX THIS!!!

Jessica said...

I know, right!

Beth said...

Sounds like a reasonable solution to me! I'm so tired of the finger pointing! Quit posturing and fix the dang thing already! Nobody really cares whose fault it is ... we just want it stopped and cleaned up!

Andrea (ace1028) said...


Shell said...

So wonderfully put! I don't care whose fault it is, either- just fix it!

Adrienne said...

I agree....I love my gulf I love Texas and I love our other gulf states...I am in a business that is partially supported by the Gulf fishing industry and I am sad and pissed and I made the same suggestion about the sleave and tankers like 48 days ago....the eco system may never fully recover ....However the extreme measure of stopping all current drilling is well just how America's governement continues to be a bunch of gun jumping morons... Great post

The Hensons said...

amen, sista! and let's not forget about the oil dispersant that they poured all out in the ocean which didn't do a thing to the oil, but instead made the ocean toxic!! lovely. i'll be avoiding shrimp po-boys, and my kids will be playing at the pool the next time we drive to the beach!!