Wednesday, June 2, 2010


the truth is, i have a headache.  a nasty headache.  i see tylenol in my future.  lots of tylenol.  probably for the rest of the day and into the evening. 

problem(s):  stress.  lack of sleep.  my hubby is crabby because his employees are nincompoops and his clients don't always pay.on time.sometimes at all.  my kids are:  sick and/or whiney and/or ready for summer vacation.  maybe all of the above.  i'm still fat even though i'm trying to watch what i eat.  i still hate to exercise.  my pants don't fit.  i hate my clothes but am not buying a bigger size as punishment for not following through with my new years resolution that should have been done by now -- i think i've packed more pounds on instead of dropping them.  next:  dogs who need to go out in the middle of the night.  i kind of think they hear the animals in the yard and want to go eat them.  it has nothing to do with bladder control or bowel movements.  they knocked the baby gate at the steps over last night and greeted us in bed at 4:00 a.m.  how's that for a scare you out of a perfectly good dream into WHAT THE EFF IS SNIFFING MY FACE??  its a good thing they're cute. next: knowing i am eating salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next three months so that i can wear my cute summer clothes that i bought last year ... i guess my body was still in "nursing" mode and burning calories like crazy because i sure as h.e. double hockey sticks wasn't counting points, exercising or paying attention to what i was shoveling into my mouth. 

and to top today off:  my boss is out of town.  good thing, right?  it would be if there weren't someone in the office who turned into psycho-boss-wanna-be upon his leaving.  delegating everything they can to anyone they can.  telling people what to do, their jobs and in addition to things that aren't are jobs.  okay.  that's harsh.  i told you i have a headache.  i also have to get the month closed by thursday in order for our treasurer to turn it around by wednesday so that it can be included for board approval at our next meeting.  the truth is:  i simply don't have TIME to do my work PLUS YOURS.  just don't.  its not that i don't enjoy helping people and pitching in when others need help.  heck, i am so behind because i tend to drop what it is i'm doing and do something for others daily ... look this up ... do you have a balance ... i need access.  please don't misinterpret:  I LOVE MY JOB.  sometimes, though, i just need to vent.  i am taking the time my lunch to vent.  LUNCH = break, right?  sometimes.  sometimes not.  today:  i need a break.  i should take a walk...but it is too hot.  and, like i said before, i hate exercise.  but you can only stretch in so many different directions before snapping, right?  unless, of course, you're elasta-girl.  (or whatever her name was.) 

maybe .... just maybe .... i didn't have enough coffee this morning. 


Stephanie said...

Oh no...hope it gets better soon!!!

Stephanie said...

Oh No! Hope it gets better soon!!

designHER Momma said...

coffee & Excedrin - by bff's.

Cara Smith said...

I hope your day turns around soon.

I'm sure even elatagirl would snap eventually.