Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh no, not again.

Yesterday, I had this fabulous idea that I would blog this morning, before anything could go wrong at work.  But ... its a crappy day again already!! Can you believe that my AC isn't working????   We dumped $10,000 $15,000 (thanks for reminding me honey!) into this new system 2 years ago (how do I remember???  I was pregnant then had a newborn when it was all going on!!) and our main thermostat screen reads "system malfunction.  call carrier or technician".  Lovely.  With temperatures going into the 90s today and being that it is already hot and humid at 6:37 (btw, I am not dressed, brushed or made up yet, and make a lunch for DinoBoy - and I have to leave at 7:15 -- SweeTart decided to grace me with her presence and insisted I be attached to her right hip) I figure I am pretty much screwed.  What the real pisser kicker is in this whole HOT situation is that I called the AC people about a month ago when our main thermostat stopped controlling the other 3 zones.  I told them while it was NOT an emergency, I would like to have someone come out and look at it and do a service to the unit while they're here.  No sense in taking up time if someone's AC was really broken and they were in distress to fix my thermostat.  But they NEVER.CALLED.BACK.  Here I was being nicey, nicey and they blew me off.  No more Mrs. NiceGal.  I am so calling their offices as soon as I sit at my desk this morning ... and blasting them ... do you think it would be better if I were nicey, nicey again???  Doubtful, right?  I tried that once and they took me for a sucker. 

Update:  8:20 a.m. - They will try to get to us this afternoon.  Oh, and there is a $95 diagnostic fee.  HELLOOOOOOO???  Aren't I still under warranty?? I'm calling back in an hour - to confirm that they will be at the house this afternoon.  After all, they should have been there over a month ago when I called for a simple SERVICE call.  WTF!

Ok, now that is off my chest.   Venting ... ahhh ... feels good. 

Tomorrow is day 180!!!  Huh?? I get to call Disney bright and early tomorrow morning to try to make reservations for 10 people for dining while we're there in December.  10???  Yep.  Friends have decided to join us for a few days while we're there.  Turns out Mrs. H needs wants to see the Magic Kingdom dressed up for Christmas and the Osbourne lights in Hollywood Studios.  Yay.  I am so excited.  I will try the online system at 6 a.m. but I'm pretty sure that I need to call to make reservations for 10.  Yippee.  See - that made me feel a little better. 

Now, I am running upstairs to try to get ready before it is time to leave!! Hope everyone has a great Thursday!


Cara Smith said...

Sounds like a crazy and hectic morning. Hopefully the rest of your day goes smoother.

Good luck with your reservations. It is a good idea to book them at the earliest possible moment.

addicted2shius said...

So envious of your upcoming vacay! That's a trip we were hoping to do before my hubby's upcoming deployment but it's way expensive so we will just do local Disneyland BUT will stay at the hotel. Which in all my 28 years, I've never done so yay!!!

Man, I hear ya about AC probs. We've had the bad luck of not having housing with AC and our last duty station, our housing was considered the hottest city in SD. Thankfully we've moved bases and are closer to the beach so we get a breeze and I open up all the windows :) Sorry didn't mean to be boastful but just wanted to relate