Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - A Special 8th Birthday

Twinkletoes has been growing her hair out for two years.  She decided she wanted to donate it to help make wigs for cancer patients.  Too  many people in our lives have been affected by this terrible disease and unfortunately, have had to resort to wearing wigs. 

In order to make a donation, her hair had to be at least 10" to donate to Locks of Love, a program that collects hair and makes wigs specifically for children who are cancer patients.  We didn't have quite 10" but I couldn't take another morning or evening of screaming and tears while we were brushing her hair.  The alternative?  Pantene has a dontation program as well and only requires 8" of hair. 

On Saturday, Twinkletoes celebrated her 8th birthday in a great way.  We were lucky enough to have my sister in law cut Twink's hair at her new salon (she is the owner!!  cool!!)  We have 9.5" to send off to Pantene later this week.  Amazing!  What an unselfish kid to want to grow her hair out specifically for this purpose.  She amazes me every day!!


Coffee Please!?! said...

I have no idea why her head is cut off in so many of these pictures!! They look fine before I pulled them into the slideshow! Ugh.

Cara Smith said...

What a wonderful thing to do.

Her hair looks great!

Mindy said...

Very cute 'do!!

(Just stopped by from 5 Minutes for Mom.)


addicted2shius said...

That's amazing and your daughter is such a beautiful person inside and out. You must be do proud! If only everyone could be as selfless as her!

Cascia said...

What a precious thing to do! I love her new haircut too. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Angela @ Nine More Months said...

She looks beautiful, and how sweet of her to donate!

Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. I am now following back!

Terra H. said...

That was a very kind thing for Twinkletoes to do.
Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog via Keepin' Company Thursdays. I am now a follower of yours.