Monday, June 14, 2010


So Friday we went to the Philadelphia Zoo with SweeTart's preschool class. DinoBoy and Twinkletoes skipped school for the day to have fun with us.  Seemed like there were a lot of older brothers and sisters on the trip with us ... my mom came too.  Thank goodness.

It was SweeTart's first time on a school bus, without a carseat ... she was fine for the first half of the trip then was heinous for the rest of the trip.  I have learned that it is much safer (for my sanity) to have her strapped in and unable to move from seat to seat to seat.  She did have the lap belt on but she figured out how to stretch it out so that she could wiggle out of it.  Lovely, right?  

After we parked 2 miles away from the zoo entrance (I am NOT exaggerating) and had to take turns carrying SweeTart who, although has lost weight, still weighs in around 40 pounds(!), I made the executive decision to spend $8 to rent a single stroller for the day.  In the beginning of the day, not the best decision in the world because she did NOT want to stay in the stroller but by the end of the day, she didn't want to get out of it.  She was a tired toddler.  :-)  DinoBoy and Twinkletoes had a great time too - after a few arguments between themselves - and me - I'd have to declare the visit to the zoo a success.  I'm sure that it wouldn't have been a success without my MOM!!! (thanks mom!)  She even bought them ice cream on the way out and carried SweeTart for most of the way to the bus because I had to pee! (double thanks mom!)

We had a great time on Saturday at my BIL/SIL's liquor store, Scoot's, for their first anniversary celebration.  They had tons of giveaways (I can say, I am all ready for the Jimmy Buffett concert - I have more leis and beads and cool stuff than you can imagine!) and a professional hot dog man, sodas, Philly pretzels and chips.  This was followed up by SweeTart taking a nap then we headed to visit the new baby! 

Ok, so she's not new anymore - about 8 months old - but we have never been to see her before. She is the 2nd for Hubby's cousin but something always happened at our house when we had plans to go over for a visit.  Of course, since it took so long to get there, I had to get new gifts for her because she had outgrown everything I had initially purchased.  (Complaining - nope - I love shopping for baby stuff!)

After pizza at their house, we moved the party outside since our kids were jumping on their trampoline.  SweeTart was sitting on a bench with the baby and her mommy while I was sitting a few feet away at their outdoor table.  Hubbs and his cousin were outside too.  DinoBoy was throwing a nerf ball to the boys and Twink was on the trampoline.  All of the sudden, I turn around and Twink is on the ground, hand over her mouth, in pain.  She, though, cries "wolf" more often than not so I wasn't quick to get across the yard (I honestly thought her brother hit her in the mouth with the nerf ball and this was a little bit of an overreaction!)  Let's get all of the "bad mommy's" out of our systems now because when I got over to her, she had a bloody nose.  Here, when she jumped off of the trampoline, instead of climbing off, her knee hit her in the face.  Lovely.  Bleeding stopped, nose doesn't appear to be broken and the crying stopped after about 2 hours (and ice cream.)  When I walked back over to the patio with Twink, SweeTart was running to to greet us in the lawn - crying - at first I thought she was crying because Twink was crying but here she had fallen off of th bench and the baby spat up all over her mom -- all in the 1 minute it took me to reach Twink look at injuries and walk back.  Hello??   Multiple injuries are not a fun way to end a great evening!! 

Yesterday we headed to our babysitter's high school graduation party.  We arrived late because of an impromptu nap but had a great time seeing everyone there.  What am I going to do when she leaves in August???  Oh man!!!  I'm screwed. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a pleasant Monday!

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