Monday, June 7, 2010


Updates:  Everywhere I look - there are things in need of "updates". 

  • my blog - specifically about SweeTart, my Disney vacation and the A/C situation

  • the house we looked at yesterday - it was nice outside, kinda - but was stuck in the 80's inside

  • my reader - can you believe it has to be sent to SONY?

  • my wardrobe - can you say F.A.T.?

  • my friends - some of them are toxic or am I toxic? 

  • my kids wardrobe - could they please stop growing? 
Ok, okay, due to popular demand (really, I had no idea that the number of followers meant anythingI honestly don't think all of those peeps read my blog daily anyhoo.)  It's nice to know that as I am cracking up because I think I can't run my life as well as it should be run ... that others are cracking up reading my posts.  That, in and of itself, (and the fact that I don't need to email ten people ten different updates of what happened this weekend because, you know, by the 10th email, the stories get diluted or stretched or totally changed) is worth it.   Whatever.  Here goes. 

SweeTart is better.  She is back to eating in her normal patterns.  Breakfast:  bowl of cereal and juice at 7:00 a.m.10:30 a.m. 8 chicken fries.  and cheezits.  4:00 p.m. another bowl of cereal.  7:00 p.m. a few bites of hot dog, cheezits and ice cream.  8:30  MARSHMELLOWS?  I am not even going to speculate who wanted to give this angel MARSHMELLOWS at 8:30 last night.  (Okay, the breakfast and chicken were from Saturday, but you get the idea, right?)  The MARSHMELLOWS (frankly, I could give a flyin' that they were "minis" - a freaking marshmellow is a marshmellow)  turned the kid into the Mexican Jumping Bean last night.  NO.ONE.COULD.SLEEP.  She is suddenly afraid of the dark too.  Compliments of Twink?  I can't guarantee it but I would certainly bet the farm on it. So, here we have SweeTart jumping her heart out and calling Twink for who knows how long -- mind you, Hubs left the little light on so they could see each other -- "where are you"  "twink - where arrreeee yooooou?"  "TWINK!"  It was kind of comical.  Not so much when, instead of ignoring her baby jumping bean sister, Twink decides to answer her back, yelling as well. 

Stage right:  Enter DinoBoy who hates going to bed any night but especially on Sundays.  This is perfect fodder for him to come into our room, again, to tell us that he can't sleep because his sisters are being loud in the next room.  Oh really?  What is your excuse each of the other 100 nights you've come into our room after we've tucked you in and kissed you goodnight???!!!!!  And. SUSH.  You can't sleep, we can't sleep either.  Obviously the boy did not take into his accounting of telling us what exactly his sisters were doing - the noise coming from the baby monitor whose base is located in his sisters' room!!!  Hello - they can't sleep, we can't sleep.  You can't sleep, we can't sleep.  Love it.  Eventually, Hubs got up, yelled at the girls and turned the light off.  SweeTart cried for a few minutes, then finally stumbled into slumberland.  Goodness knows what time DinoBoy went to bed.  I was asleep before him, for sure!

That feels a little better.  Venting, I said I loved it, right?  Keep reading! 

SweeTart's test results came back:  Normal.  Thank goodness. Doc M. tested her for everything under the sun and the xray was negative.  Am I repeating myself?  Maybe I am but just in case I didn't say it before.  She's healthy.  Even if we had to find out the hard way. 

Disney Vacation stuff:  meal reservations did you know that you can make Disney Dining Reservations up to 180 days in advance with your resort confirmation number?  It works like a charm.  Except if there are no times available for the restaurant that you want at the time you want ... or your back up time ... or your back up restaurant ... or the back up time for the back up.  You get the picture?  Canada in Epcot. That was what Mrs. H wanted.  I figured if anyone knows Disney, it is Mrs. H.  Can I get Canada 180 days out?  Nope.  I was actually able to make my ADRs (advance dining reservations for the Disney illerates among us - don't worry - 3 months ago - I was one of you.  Hell, for the most part, I am still one of you!) 181 days in advance (except for those I couldn't get and Cinderella's Royal Table - CRT had to happen on the 180 day mark.)  Anyway, we have reservations for every day and sometimes even two per day.  Hopefully it all works out and no one is in tears when they have to eat.  I do have tickets to the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party for Friday night in our hands already.  Yay!!  I am looking forward to this trip.  Kind of.  First time traveling with SweeTart to something of this ... size.  I guess is a good word for it.  (We tried to take her to see Marmaduke with the kids yesterday at 11:35 - She and I were out of the theatre by 12:00 - and didn't even get to see more than the opening credits.)  More Disney in some other post. :-)  'nuff said for now. 

Lastly for this post, because I really need to get back to work.  My Sony READER.  Sony PRS-505.  Has.  Become.  Obsolete.  Sending.  Back.  To.  Sony.  (FREE of charge) For.  Software. Update. Fingers crossed that they get the thing back to me before we leave for our OBX vaction.  If not, *gasp*, I will have to bring BOOKS.  Holy Crap.  The Hubs will not be a happy camper and will probably make me buy a Kindle or something just so that I don't have to bring a million books with me. 



Stephanie said...

Oh no!!! So sorry about the Reader!!! Hope it gets fixed asap! I know I would be lost without mine!!!

Hope everything else works out!!

Anonymous said...

I have a Kindle. You cannot beat it!