Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I have to give it to my Hubs - he and and our kidlets were awesome today!  They surprised me with a bagel and a cup of coffee in "bed" and then took me to a wonderful place, after Church, a little jaunt from our house (I was hoping Twink wouldn't get carsick!) The Pub in Pennsauken, NJ ~ it is famous in its own right and has downright wonderful steaks and the best fresh chicken fingers on the planet.  I used to work there while at college - as a hostess; girls wait forever to get promoted to waitress at that place because once you're in, you're in for good!  Many women (and men) have been there for years and years - the business is that good.  We venture here each Mother's Day and Father's Day to celebrate because they open early these days.  Today, they opened the doors at 12:00 p.m. for dinner.  When we left at 1:15 p.m. there wasn't a wait, but the lobby area (which is huge) was getting crowded because they will not seat you until your entire party is there and ready to be seated.

After lunch, Hubs let me take a nap while SweeTart was sleeping.  It was a weird feeling - a nap.  I kept hearing things and kept thinking I wasn't really asleep but after a bit, I fell sound asleep and woke up feeling refreshed.  Then we took the kids for ice cream locally.  Fun!  Maybe I should feed everyone dinner now?  Dinner which will consist of leftovers from our noontime meal at The Pub.  :-)

Tomorrow is the beginning of the NJ ASK test, our annual standardized tests for the 3/4/5/6/7/8 graders.  I think they are the only grades who take it but since we have a 3rd and a 4th grader, everyone is supposed to be settling down early and getting a good night's rest after a fun day. 

A shout out to our Twinkletoes!!  After working hard on her JOGA pre-team for 2 years, she has been officially invited to join the team!    She is so dang excited and so proud of herself for all of the hard work she had done towards this goal.  I'm not quite sure what next year as a "team mom" will bring but I know it will bring lots of smiles, probably a little heartache, and loads and loads of practice time.  Congratulations Twink - we are all very, very proud of your accomplishments. 

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Jacqui' said...

awwww, how awesome! She looks like she good! Congrats hun!!!