Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: On the Potty Chair

Might not be a big deal to you but our littlest - now three and almost a month is finally pottying.  Hip Hip Hooray ... or should we be a little teary because she's almost a big girl? 


Lisa Ladrido said...

It does feel good when they get off diapers finally. I imagine it is pretty costly these days. Mine are all grown up. Well good job little one!
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Heather said...


Becky said...

Maybe that is what I need to do--move the potty out of the bathroom and somewhere where Jax wouldn't mind to sit for hours, like in front of the tv! He'll be 3 in October and has no interest. This may do the trick!

Victoria's Voice said...

Yay! Great Job!

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jbplbarbara said...

Being there, done that :) Potty training is a journey on its own, don't despair. Visiting from vB and glad you joined us.
have a Great awesOme Day!!!

pamela r said...

so glad those days are over =)
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