Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2 Days Til Sundae - a book review & where to find the exclusive Ebook pre-release (for 99 cents!!)

2 Days 'Til Sundae written by one of my favorite authors (and friend), Heather Muzik, will be pre-released for both Nook and Kindle today, 5/24/11.  Grab it now while it is only 99 cents!! What if you don't have a Kindle or a Nook?  Don't be shy about downloading any of the free reader software available from both Nook and Kindle for your computer and phones ... and just about anything else you'd like to read this book on (iPod, iPad, etc.)

A peek at the book: 

At thirty-four, Catherine Hemmings has it all—a walk-up that’s relatively free of crime and steps away from a great slice of pizza, credit card balances with the full closet and finance charges to match, still-happily-married parents with a screw loose, a younger brother with more years of marriage experience under his belt than she has continuous dating time, and friends hell-bent on setting her up with anyone but her type of guy…. What more could a girl want?

The answer… a sundae.

When a well-planned, perfectly executed, two-day trip to reclaim a piece of her youth stretches into a week stuck in the middle of nowhere tailing Joel “Fynn” Trager (a man she wants to kick, bite, and lick all at the same time), Catherine begins to realize that maybe her mother is right when she says, “Life is real, not ideal.” Her mother also says that one should always pack an extra change of clothes… maybe Catherine should have paid more attention when she was growing up.

What I thought:

Certainly not what I expected.  What I thought of "chick lit" has been flushed.  I was expecting sexy scenes, not giggles in the bedroom.  I loved it! I thought it was a quick and easy read.  Part of the story is based on an eBay deal that never happened.  We all know how much I love eBay and I could so relate! Cat is full of emotion that every female reader will relate to and part of a typical, yet disfunctional family (who can't relate to that??) Also strongly emphasized?  Friendship, family connections and love. 

A few books I've read recently have been well written but totally predictable, kind of like Sweet Valley High romances when we were young teenagers (oh, so long ago.)  This book?  Not so much.  Well written and entertaining from the beginning straight through to the end. It is full of laugh out loud moments; I would highly recommend this book.  Heck, I've recommended books I haven't read that were on Amazon for 99 cents, so you should really go download this one!  It comes with my seal of approval!! 

What did my girls and I do on Friday night, after I had finished this book (while the boys were out with their friends)???  We went out for Sundaes, of course. 

Touch base with me after you've picked up your (cheap) copy of 2 Days 'Til Sundae.  I would love to hear your thoughts!!


Stephanie said...

Sounds great!! I will add it to my list!

nicthenurse said...

Downloaded! Thanks for the suggestion!

Anonymous said...

When will the hard copy be available? Your Mom is not so up to date with new devices! LOL

Kimberley said...

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Happy Tuesday!