Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beautiful sunshine!

Hello sunshine!!  It's been a while!!  It has been raining here since Friday - cloudy since Thursday.  Today is a beautiful, "sunshiney", spring day!  Hope you can enjoy the warmth or at least be close to a window to enjoy the natural light!  I hope the kidlets are ready to spend some time outside with me tonight cooking dinner on the grill!! 

Nothing much new is going on.  Looking forward to Twink's first gymnastics competition this weekend, as well as DinoBoy's wrestling banquet and first baseball practice.  SweeTart is keeping us all on our toes since she has learned to scale the gate guarding the steps and has been frequently greeting us upstairs when we're least expecting to see her.  I guess it is time to take the gate down and put locks on all of the doorknobs upstairs (that is another new trick of hers - she can open any and all doorknobs.)  Funny that it is only Tuesday and I'm already looking forward to the weekend.  Must be spring fever. 

Hope the sun is shining on you too!

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