Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still Recovering ...

Had an awesome weekend in Ocean City this weekend with my mom, step mom and girlfriends.  Even with a friend whom I used to work with years ago in Princeton ... that was a different lifetime all together!  We'd been planning this weekend of scrapbooking with Scrap Away Get Away since July.  Once again, the girls who run the show did an extraordinary job of getting things together.  A few bumps in the road - like last year 4 of us shared a 2 bedroom suite and this year, the same 4 of us were put in a one bedroom.  No biggie....after we figured out that we got an awesome deal last year, Mrs. H (funny calling her that) and I decided to suck it up and sleep on the pull out couch. It worked out fabulously. 

I got soooo much done.  More so than I've ever gotten done on one of these weekends away.  I'm pretty impressed with myself.   I only need to "journal" events related to our trip over Thanksgiving weekend 2009 to the Gaylord National Hotel outside of Washington, DC in National Harbor, MD.  It was fun looking at all of the pictures and seeing how much all fun all of the kids had - even if it was hairy trying to get SweeTart to sleep in the same room as the other 4 of us - in that port-a-crib supplied by the hotel.  It was such a cool trip. 

After brunch on Sunday, I had done as much as I could on the Thanksgiving pages, I decided to take a few minutes and read.  I gathered my book, (I had started "The Help" on Friday night because Mrs. H brought it with her as she is supposed to be reading it for her new book club and even though I had just started to read the Postmistress on Wednesday night, The Help was one of my newest downloads as well) and went to sit in the "lobby" of the 2nd floor where we were scrapping.  I finished the 2nd chapter, put the bookmark on and looked up at a painting on the wall next to where I was sitting.  There is a local story about a resident ghost at the Flanders Hotel where we were staying and the painting is supposedly a rendition of the ghost they call "Emily".  After a few minutes, I had finished looking at the painting, clicked page advance on my book and nothing happened.  Not a big deal, I hit the page advance again.  Again, nothing.  I looked down at the battery meter - I still had a complete charge.  Then all of the sudden, this circle (which appears when the book is syncing with the computer) appeared and then the book turned itself off!  That has only happened when I've previously let the battery go dead which was certainly not the case on Sunday.

So ---- I hauled a$$ back to my friends and family to tell them what just happened.  They were still at the crop table working on their projects.  I turned the book back on while I was telling them my story.  Another twist to this creepiness is that when the book turned back on, it did not bring me up to the book where I had left off.  It didn't bring me back to The Help at all!!  It brought me back to the Postmistress which I hadn't even touched while at the beach - and it indicated when I went to The Help that I hadn't even started this book at all?? I was getting ready to go on to the third chapter.  How freaky!?!  I took it as a sign that I should not be wasting valuable scrapping time reading.  I promptly started, and nearly finished, our escapades with the Waverunner this past summer.  Another 2 or 3 pages, plus journaling and I will have that complete as well. 

The husband says that I still have residual snoring from staying up so late while we were away.  For those of you that know me at all, you know that I am not a night owl.  Not in any aspect of the word.  I'm much more of a morning person.  This week, however, even though I am going to bed early, I cannot get my lazy arse moving in the morning to get out of bed.  Yesterday, I thought I hit "snooze" on the alarm clock when I really hit the "off" button and woke up 45 minutes late.   Maybe a few more days of going to bed super early will be good for me and I'll catch up on that missed sleep. 

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