Saturday, March 27, 2010

Trying to sneak a quick one ..

blog post that is .... it's almost 8 a.m. and where are your kidlets?  Mine are all still sleeping.  (I probably shouldn't have said that - I'm sure to have jinxed myself!!)

We had a great time at RedStone last night.  I made reservations for us via  It was the best thing I could have done because, man, was that place hopping.  The Hubs says that lots of singles go there to get "tail".  For the non-singles, they must be going for the fabulous food and inviting atmosphere.  While I must say it was hard to read my menu becuase the lights were dimmed so low, something I am generally not used to dining with three kidlets, I chose a petite filet, asparagus (I got three pieces - hold me back) and a baked potato.  I had a beer at the outside bar (yes, it was a little chilly but they had heaters so some people were probably warmer than me) with the Hubs while we were waiting for our friends and then sipped iced teas the rest of the evening like a good designated driver.  LOL.  The food was fabulous!  The conversation was heated at the bar outside while they spoke of politics ... Obama...Christie...teacher cuts...aide cuts ... Mrs. H and I tried to calm the atmosphere by talking about DISNEY.  It worked ... a few times!!  While inside we caught up with our friends that we haven't had a night out with in too long.  We're all so busy with work, kidlet sports and kidlets in general ... and Mr. H coaches HS wrestling from Thanksgiving until the first weekend in March ... all that being said, we should really try to do it more often.  I miss hanging out with our friends more regularly.  :-)

The true reason for this post, besides rubbing it in that my kids are still sleeping at 7:58 a.m. on a bright and sunny Saturday is because a crazy thing happened while we were out last night.  First and foremost, I have to say that our sitter rocks! We left the van at home "just in case" something happens and she needed to take the kidlets somewhere ... you never know, right?? She arrived on time, I went through what was going on with the kids ... where the bottles and diapers are (I'm sure I was boring her out of her skull - but she didn't show it) (see spoke too soon .. 8:00 a.m. and DinoBoy has decided to join me in bed) - I knew she had my cell # because I had texted her earlier in the week.  Lo and behold - it was 8:01 - we had just gotten our dinner and here is a text from the babysitter ... "power is out.  twinkletoes and sweetart are scared. can i take them to my house or have my mom come pick us all up?"  Holy crikies, right?  It was a beautiful clear evening - what the hell happened to my electricity???  I texted my mom because she has the neighbor's cell # to have her call them to see what was going on at their house ... she couldn't get in touch with them ... ugh.  Texted babysitter back ... of course it is okay to take the kidlets to her house (her parents are friends of ours.)  Told her we'd finish up dinner and come right home instead of hanging out forever ... she replied "don't rush, we'll be fine".  How's that for a grown up, high school senior??? Needless to say, we finished up, talked some more and headed home.  By the time we got home, the power was on - we let the sitter know the coast was clear and she brought the kidlets home ... safe and sound ... she's AWESOME! 

Wondering now if I dare jump in the shower before the girls get up.  We all know that as soon as I get in, SweeTart will start jumping in her crib ... "mommy, mommy, daddy, daddy, where are you?  help! help help!"  Funny right?  She is definitely a trip.  I will hold off on the shower until she goes down for her nap.  I'm going to start surfing the net for Dora party supplies for her 2nd birthday which is just around the corner. 

Have a wonderful day!  Toodles!


Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have such a great sitter. Enjoy your weekend and I'm glad Johnny Depp is still around too. Tootles!


Jessica said...

Im loving that you husband called it "tail"..hahaha

JeniLee said...

Wow I need a sitter like that! My Piper woke up at 8 today and was in the nastiest moods ever. She said "mommy I don't like Paige anymore" grrrr all before coffee.

Ocean said...

Thanks for following me! I am now a follower of your blog! :)

Julie said...

Good morning and following you back. Thanks for stopping by. I've been reading all about you and your family and find you so refreshing and such a wonderful read. Thank you for sharing your life and kiddo's.
If you'd like to get to know more about me other then the lifestyle change stop by my everyday blog at
Take care and have a most wonderful blessed day.