Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vote for SweeTart and Play Boggle!

Please take a quick minute to cast your VOTE for SweeTart.  I know it is getting a bit redundant but she finished last week at #55 out of over 7,000 other little kidlets.  That's pretty cool.  This week, she is already at #55, from #284 yesterday so something is working in our favor so far.  I've got my fingers crossed for her.  :-)  She's such a cutie and a sweet kid (when she's not beating the crap out of her brother and sister because she just doesn't quite get her own strength yet - kind of like BamBam from the Flinstones.)

Looking foward to going to see our nephew tonight ... and my sister in law too.  It's been way too long since the little ones have played together.  I've already got my camera in my bag and I will be ready to go crazy with the camera.  Pictures will be forthcoming, no worries. 

Ok, I know you've been waiting for this:  Boggle Me Thursday.  Here you go!



I haven't played yet.  I will let you know what I come up with later on ... let's say lunchtime? 

Make it a wonderful day ... it sure is beautiful here!!

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