Wednesday, September 8, 2010

another first day of school ...

Tuesday was the first day of school for the kidlets.  We already discussed that right?  This is how it went (it was 1/2 day): 

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dinoboy - has at least three or four friends in his class. loves his teacher.  he was estatic that she left at 10 a.m. to go pick up her sick kidlet.  that must have been the highlight of his day.  oh yeah, that plus no work during the day which equaled no homework on the first day of school.  he was a happy, happy camper. 
twinkletoes - has two friends in her class.  i know one and i don't know the other but a lot of the other parents know her.  she knows a lot of the boys in her class (give me strength) and the three girls are the only girls sitting at a table full of boys.  homework:  tell your parents about your first day of school and cover this book.

sweetart - 1st day of the 2 year old room.  again.  she must be feeling like groundhog day except for the fact that two of her bestest two year old friends and her former 2 y.o. teacher went to the three year old room.  the morning started off with sweetart getting p.o.'ed from the getgo because she grabbed her lunchbox and tried to board the big bus with her older siblings....i'm not sure who gave her the "no can do" but it made her angry to say the least.   she even got a list of "things" she needs for preschool...i am trying to figure out why these items (pictures of her, family, a pair of slippers?!?) weren't noted on her "welcome back to school" letter we got from her teachers.  oh well - just a little bit more scrambling for me.  lol

me - our accounting system crashed yesterday and is just now (lunchtime) coming back online.  i remembered to pack my breakfast and lunch today but so far have forgotten my vitamins.  i should probably do that now while it is in my head.  sorry for the lack of caps - too lazy to do it today. 

hubs - i guess his day was okay yesterday.  he was able to get home to see the kids off to school and be there when they got home.  super lucky dude.  i might have to take the first day of school off next year since dinoboy will (be needing a new alias) be starting middle school.  we'll see.  he was nice enough to not give me a hard time when i took twink out at 7:00 to try to find her headphones for her computer class.  didn't find any so he caught the ball when i threw it into his cart and said "skullcandy please" - we should have just said okay when he suggested it in the first place.  (and of course she told me on the car ride to town that she didn't have computers again til monday ...grrrrr)  love you hubs!

tonight: will consist of homework, if they get any today; baths; completion of the first day of school packet.   trying to decide if we should have the roast beef and potatoes, chicken or enchiladas for dinner.  all precooked, of course, thanks to my obsession with once a month (week) cooking this week.  i had our menu all planned out ... where the freak did that little slip of paper i wrote it on go?  i should have blogged it - then i would have it.  duh.

hubs has his final fantasty football draft tonight.  good luck sweetie!  hope you rock the league this year and win all the $$$$!  lol  -  have fun!!

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