Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fallin' Down ....

I haven't kept up with my blog.  Actually, all my food in Cafe World was rotten today too.  Which means that I've been neglecting my FB games as well as my blog.  Truth be told I'd much rather neglect my mindless Facebook games and spill my guts on my blog.  So .... I'll leave the games open but hope that I can overcome the temptation to play them. 

School starts ... Tuesday!  The kidlets are ... not so excited.  I mean, I guess they are, but they're sad at the same time for summer to be over.  Just another cycle of life they're getting used to.  DinoBoy is getting ready to go into the 4th grade.  This will be his last year in the elementary school.  Hello?  How in the heck did that happen?  We don't know a whole lot about his teacher - other than she is coming down from our middle school to teach this year and she is expecting .... expecting her 2nd baby in January ... expecting to leave her students mid year.  I love my teacher friends.  I hate that this is the 2nd time in my kid's school career that he is having his teacher leave mid-year.  He seems unpreturbed.  I am freaking out. 

One of the boys DinoBoy has known since kindergarten will be in his class for the first time this year = no peanuts in the room.  I am pretty much screwed.  We got the notice on Friday that he will be in a peanut free room.  Every day last year that this kid didn't buy lunch (he only buys when there are chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks or pizza) he had a peanut butter sandwich.  I was okay with that becuase he was getting plenty of protein.  Now what will we do?  Have I blogged before about my picky eater??  Literally, I have told him a few times this summer that I will not be cooking him a separate dinner and he will need to prepare his own - he has made himself either waffles, nachos and cheese or had a bowl of cereal (sans milk.)  Any and all suggestions for a lunch for him are appreciated.  He has sensory issues (with eating things) and if it doesn't "feel right" or "smell" to his liking, he won't even taste it. He'd rather starve. 

Twinketoes is entering the third grade.  She has a teacher who I've been told is very strict with the students.  Amen!!  At this point in her life, I think this is exactly what she needs.  She is a bright and energetic girl who needs that energy focused and channelled.  I am not doing it well.  She is oh so jealous of her brother and sister althogh we try to give them all equal attention, it is much easier to give more attention to the toddler who needs more at this point in her life.  The drama the Twink gives us daily challenges every fiber of strength.  For example, yesterday morning she had a total melt down becuase I told her to use a washcloth to wash her face instead of using a disposable make up remover pad which I've let her use before.  I tried to explain that we can use them on vacation but at home we'd rather be "green" (she is all about helping the environment) but she went into full blown melt down - the kind that SweeTart has - not the kind an 8 year old has.  But, she did have the week off from gymnastics so I will give her that - I didn't give her many constructive ways to outlet her energy. 

Anyhoo - school shopping has been completed.  We got a few great deals at Walmart for the kids - clothes and supplies.  Although we can not find a pocket folder with holes in it for DinoBoy's supply list.  Why??? 

SweeTart will be in the two year old room at her preschool again this year.  Our preschool rocks.  The ladies that run the school and her teachers are awesome.  I do have to say that she went all summer, two 1/2 days a week to keep some kind of schedule in her life. LOL.  She is definitely a smart one.  Although I'm sure everyone thinks that about their kidlets. 

Labor Day weekend is in full swing at our house.  Yesterday we had not one but two picnics to go to.  The Hubs got to see one of his friends who went to Utah years back to ski and never came back.  I think he said the last time he saw him was when they were out west skiing in '94.   It was a great time and we exited with Hubs playing a game of horseshoes with his friends.  I think that is the first time he's played in years although we have an overgrown pit in our backyard.  Fun!  Our second party was at our friends' house just up the road from our home.  It was fun.  We haven't seen some of the friends that were there all summer.  It's amazing how quickly the kidlets grow when we haven't seen them in a few weeks.   Fun fun!!!

Today, I'm taking the kidlets to get crickets.  Yes, more crickets.   This little guy eats more crickets that I ever could have imagined.  DinoBoy is learning many lessons about responsibility taking care of Yoda - he doesn't always appreciate them though.  Hubs is going to another fanatsy football draft at noon and the kids and I will be fending for ourselves for lunch.  I was thinking maybe Chick Fil A for lunch but then remembered it is Sunday - closed - woops.  Need to come up with a Plan B. 

Tomorrow will be filled with lots of jittery nerves, packing school bags and hopefully some fun.  Hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend!

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Stephanie said...

School starts for us on Tuesday too and I cannot wait! DD actually said she can't wait too...she must be really fed up with DS after spending more than two months with him nonstop!!

Now you have me craving chik-fil-a and I have no way to satisfy it...closest one is 2 hours away. :(

Hope your weekend was nice. We did nothing...hubby worked. He is off tomorrow though.

Paula said...


Just stumbled on your blog. I tried playing cafe world too - I was able to stop. You'll be fine.

By the way, do drop by my blog and say hello :)

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