Monday, September 13, 2010

Cool, Rainy Morning

Although SweeTart did wind up in bed with us last night, we were able to sleep in a little bit (no thanks to the dogs!) because the sun is hidden behind the rain clouds today.  While it is not supposed to rain all day today, we are not supposed to see much sun and I can almost hear our plants, grass and tress outside sighing one collective sigh of relief.  It has been way too long since we've seen any measurable rain here.  Many of the trees have already gone into their "preseveration" mode and started dropping their leaves like crazy.  The beginning of September is too early for that where we live. 

Yesterday was just a whirlwind of activity in our house.  Hubs had to work in the morning, Twink had practice from 11-1, we ran to Kohl's to get a new hair dryer (ours crapped out in the morning), dropped DinoBoy at the house at 12:45 so Hubs could take him to his 1 o'clock practice then ran back to get Twink from her practice. The only nap SweeTart had was between when we left Kohl's and when I woke her up to go in to get Twink.  Poor baby.  Tired toddler = cranky and mean toddler in our house.  But we did okay.  After all was said and done, Hubs surprised us all by taking us out to On The Border for dinner (SweeTart did grab another power nap on the way there) and then to ice cream after dinner.  Awesome!! 

I did manage to get my first meal for my OAMC swap with my friend completed.  I didn't follow the directions completely though - the store did not have 8x8 deep dish pans so I got 9 3/4x 9 3/4.  I was only able to make 2.5 of the four dishes promised in the recipe.  Oh well.  It was so easy that I got those done in less than an hour.  I might run to the store to get the meat to make more for the freezer today.  Easy Peasy.  If you haven't already, head over to Once A Month Mom.  I made the Mexican "un"Stuffed Shells yesterday and my 2nd menu item for today is the Pear Apple Pork Roast.  I have 4 roasts in my fridge just calling my name.  I also want to make a peach cobbler in the crock pot.  I saw that recipe on a blog the other day and now I can't seem to locate it.  Grrrrr.  I don't want the peaches to go bad while I am searching.  Maybe I'll throw them in the freezer too.  LOL

Last night, before bed, I also finished the UR Book by Stephen King.  It was okay.  It was written specifically for Kindle about a "freaky" Pink Kindle (which we know doesn't exist.)  The Pink Kindle had access to an alternate plane of reality.  Not exactly what I was looking for when I downloaded it but not a total waste of time either. 

Have a to run to the petstore.  Have a Bearded Dragon who is exhibiting symtpoms of calcium deficiency.  Any suggestions? 

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