Monday, September 27, 2010

Crappiness and Minnie Mouse

Day three of feeling like crap!  Oh, please, please, please let me get better -- soon!! 

I just got an text message from my SIL, KW, reminding me that preschool class pictures are ... tomorrow!  I could have played it off like I remembered because it is, after all, text messaging.  But I gave myself up, told her I completely forgot and I would make sure that she was bathed tonight.  (Of course she will be bathed tonight, she has gymnastics - duh!)  I am a crappy mom. 

But my mom just made me laugh.  I called her to remind her that SweeTart's preschool pictures were tomorrow (Tuesday is a regular school day for SweeTart.)  She remembered (dammit. she is showing me up was my first thought) but she only remembered because the preschool posted it on their Facebook page.  Gotta love Facebook.  It gets better.  She asked me what I wanted SweeTart to wear for her pictures ... hmmmmmm ... maybe Minnie Mouse (meaning one of the new Minnie Mouse outfits that we got a great deal on @ Walmart a few weeks ago).  Mom's reponse "for class pictures???"  I think the woman is totally off her rocker because we just got at least three great outfits with Minnie on them.  Then I realize she thinks I want her dressed as Minnie Mouse.  Oh my.  That costume was from when Twink was not even six months old.  That will so not fit SweeTart's body at 2 1/2. 

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Bloggie McBlogger said...

Well, hey. It IS almost Halloween afterall. :-D
Feel better!