Sunday, September 26, 2010

Short Week - woot woot!

Even though I have a terrible head cold, I am looking foward to a 2 day work week and a 3 day escape with Hubs!!  Woot..woot!!!  We are heading to the Sunshine State sans kidlets and will be attending the Disney Food & Wine Festival at Epcot after visiting with friends.  It couldn't have worked out better, the kidlets won't be missing practices while were gone and our flight comes in on Saturday morning early enough that we'll be home in time to take DinoBoy to his game on Saturday in the early afternoon.  A LOUD shout out to my Mom who is taking charge of the kidlets, dogs and Yoda while we're gone.  I'm pretty sure, although SweeTart will be in school for 1/2 day Wednesday and Thursday that all will run smoothly.  

Am I packed?  For any other trip, I'd probably be packed x2 by now.  Yesterday morning I woke with a head cold *eeewww*.  Last night while Hubs was at the Alice in Chains concert, I thought my head might blow off of my shoulders from all of the sinus pressure.  Funny this:  the older kidlets must have seen how terrible I felt and *got along* while watching the boob tube and camping out on the couch while SweeTart and I were in bed watching Scooby Doo upstairs.  It was a tremendous relief to not have to worry about them scratching each others eyes out while SweeTart and I rested. 

Tomorrow is a busy night with the girls having dueling gymnastics practice and DinoBoy having an away game.  Since we had pizza tonight and McDonald's last night I might actually have to figure out a good meal to feed them all before they leave for their activities.  I guess my packing will be last minute, on Tuesday night ... and that being said, we know that I will forget something important.  But - it's Florida, not a 3rd world country right??  I should be able to get anything I forget there ..... should. 

Have a fabulous week!!  I'll give Mickey a kiss from you!

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Haupi said...

Forget the kiss, I wish I was going with you. I'd like to have a break about now - but I have to wait until the end of next month for ours. But have a great time and on second thought, you better give that kiss to Mickey...I'm still a big fan. Smiles.