Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Well, we did have our date night and it was a nice one!  We went up the street to the local restaurant/bar, affectionately known in town as LC.  I had tilapia, Hubs had spagetti and meatballs.  His platter definitely did not measure up to his favorite pasta place, another local place, Red Lion Inn, where he always gets the "meatball" platter so that he gets his favorite pasta and doesn't have to pay extra for additional meatballs with his meal.   I'm torn.  LC was a lot of fun and the tilapia was to die for.  Red Lion has killer asparagus ravioli on their specials menu - not often enough- and I'd give an arm and a leg for them to put it on to their regular menu.  I think that would have us back there more than once every three or four months.  But - not my decision to make.  (But if anyone is listening .....)   It was a nice night out though.  (PS - the fried calamari at LC - delicious!!)

Saturday was a head-spinning day, as it has been and seems will be until fall ball is over.  We ran to PetSmart to get Yoda fresh crickets before dropping Twink off at gymnastics practice, stopping by Beechwood to see Hubs for a few minutes since we were running ahead of schedule.  After dropping Twink, we went home, DinoBoy had practice at the same time Twink had to be picked up ... Hubs did make it home in time for me to leave to get Twink ... but I got stuck in traffic!  Really - it's not like we live in a very populated area but it took me four changes of the traffic light to be able to make a left on to one of the major roads by our house.  What was all the commotion, you ask?  Well, we also happen to live near a great vineyard and winery, Valenzano Winery, who was hosting their annual Winefest.  It was all good.   I was only a few minutes late to pick Twink up and found out she was able to ring the gong(!) because she did her round-off back handspring on the wedge.  But Coach also told me that she did a round-off back handspring on the floor with only a one hand spot as well.  Things are looking up - I'm so proud!!

Hubs decided not to go to a party which was being thrown by childhood friends after DinoBoy's practice.  Instead we had a quiet dinner (if dinner is ever quiet at our house), took the kidlets for ice cream then stopped by Uncle R & Aunt D's for a little bit.  They gave us tickets to the Winefest for the next day!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Sunday started out uneventful, followed by church.  SweeTart did her first day in Bible School.  She loved it and was asked to come back again next Sunday.  We are thrilled.  Generally, Bible School in our church starts when the kidlets are 3 - SweeTart is only two but she was a contributing factor to our not attending church in the summer.  She could sit through the first two songs, maybe collection but then we lost her when it was time for the Pastor's sermon.  She just wanted to go play with the toys in the nursery.  So ... long story short, she's in Sunday School!  Yippee.  We took a short break after Church for a soft pretzel stop for the kidlets and a short diaper change break at home then we headed over to the Winefest!  It was our first time there .... so much fun.  Tons for the kids to do, crafts and games and even pony rides.  We received Valenzano Winery etched wine glasses when we went in and were able to sample various wines through out the time we were there.  Many food vendors were there too so you could have either packed your lunch and had a picnic or bought your lunch there - you know, to counter the effects of all the wine being sampled.  :-)

DinoBoy had a game last evening.  I was pleasantly suprised that his team won!  I think he and Hubs were surprised as well!  Not sure if there will be practice for the boys tonight but I know I need to skaddale out of here asap after work because the girls both have gymnastics tonight.  One at 4:30, the other at 5:30.  Luckily, they both finish up at almost the same time. 

Have a wonderful week!

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