Monday, September 20, 2010

Date Night

Not only am I the luckiest gal around being able to sneak away with my Hubs for 3 nights at the end of the month to the Happiest Place on the Planet, we by default, get a date night tonight!!  Just a dinner at the corner eatery but it is nice and delicious too. 

We had plans with two other couples to go out to celebrate Mr.H's 45th birthday.  Wow - that is cause for celebration, right?  Especially since he is the first from our little circle to reach it.  (Thank goodness I have 7 years left before that historic celebration.)  But, as luck would have it, plans changed.  The H's have had a wrench thrown into their lives, twofold.  It is horrible to say but I can't decide which one makes me sadder:  the fact that their 11 year old yellow lab, Rosco, only has days (if that) left in him because cancer is taking its toll on his poor body OR that Mrs. H's poppy has been put on hospice.  Horrible, right, for not putting the human first?  But that is me.  Sorry if you're offended.  I feel terrible for both of them but I can only imagine that the Mrs. is like a train wreck right now. 

I know how she is feeling:  we lost our first dog to cancer about 4 years ago and it sucked!!!  We lost another last April and I'm tearing up just thinking about the holes that they both left in our hearts.  Hubs lost his father suddenly in 1996.  It was devastating.  I lost my first grandparent, my Mom's Dad - who I would like to say I was pretty close to 2 weeks before DinoBoy was born.  It was terrible.  Lost my Dad in 2005.  Lost my Dad's mom in 2007 and his brother 2 months later in December 2007.  So - I guess my coping mechanism for loss of family members is getting better?  My dealing with loss of animals, however, is not. 

We had a close call with Yoda last weekend - he's got a calcium deficiency.  I think we've got it covered now but what a scary situation to be in.  He may never fully recover use in his left, front leg but he gets around just fine.  We'll see how it goes with him.  DinoBoy is taking better care of him each day - although he wants the freedom to be able to care for him all on his own.  I just don't think he is old enough to do this yet.

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